What happened to the Wall of Separation of Church and State

I keep asking myself this question, yet I find myself wondering did it ever truly exist?  My concern for truth has been birthed, from the fall out of presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s choice of spiritual leadership — Rev. Jeremiah Wright. 

The United States Constitution clearly reads, as found in The First Amendment:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the Free exercise, thereof…”

[note to self] That’s a pretty powerful statement, thereof — 

Even for a person such as myself recalling when I was only an adolescent growing up, questioning the teachings of religion and its organizational structure.  Religion and the Bible scriptures was used to elevate slavery, a racial divide of the races, oppression of women and wars solely for the sake of ethnic cleansing. 

This advancement was not only from the secular/or society, but from key political figures in office.  So, yes I find the wording of the First Amendment not only powerful, but very self explanatory. 
‘In essence, keep it out, keep it separated – Church and State’.

Something else really threw me for a loop and I don’t have one iota of a problem with is The Constitution states nothing about The United States being officially ‘Christian’.  It’s a secular document containing no references to ‘God, Jesus or Christianity’.

Now how powerful is that — very!  At least it is to me. 

Why are we spending so much time arguing and debating whether or not Senator Barack Obama is a practicing Muslim?  Or, what might have been a loss for this country if Mitt Romney, a practicing Mormon would have been voted into presidency?  This type of conversation, stemming from a prejudiced and biased mindset really makes me want to spit. 

It’s an outrage when those in office operating off the premise of The First Amendment of our Constitution penalize their peers and constituents, that do not embrace the practice or religious beliefs of what is supposedly ‘Christian’. 

[note to self] using the word Christian very loosely.


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One response to “What happened to the Wall of Separation of Church and State

  1. audralunar

    The fanaticals care, that’s it.

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