Questions to ask Candidates on separation of church and state

Thanks!  First Freedom First.  I felt this was of the utmost importance, seeing as in one of our 2007 Presidential Debates the candidates were asked, “What is your favorite Bible Scripture?”  Duh, I mean really who cares. 

Here are suggested questions that you can use at Town Hall meetings or other locations where candidates for office will be gathering.

  1. Leaders on the religious right often say that America is a “Christian Nation.” Do you agree with this statement?
  2. Do you think Houses of Worship should be allowed to endorse political candidates and retain their tax exempt status?
  3. Do you think public schools should sponsor school prayer or, as a parent, should this choice be left to me?
  4. Would you support a law that mandates teaching creationism in my child’s public school science classes?
  5. Do you think my pharmacist should be allowed to deny me doctor-prescribed medications based on his or her religious beliefs?
  6. Will you respect the rights of those in our diverse communities of faith who deem same-gender marriage to be consistent with their religious creed?
  7. Should “faith-based” charities that receive public funds be allowed to discriminate against employees or applicants based on religious beliefs?
  8. Do you think one’s right to disbelieve in God is protected by the same laws that protect someone else’s right to believe?
  9. Do you think everyone’s religious freedom needs to be protected by what Thomas Jefferson called “a wall of separation” between church and state?
  10. What should guide our policies on public health and medical research: science or religion?

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One response to “Questions to ask Candidates on separation of church and state

  1. audralunar

    Don’t believe the Host of the debates could stay focused long enough to ask those questions. They like to see CSI type drama or the very least a Soap Opera.

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