An Amendment to Repeal Any Discussion of Religion in Politics

I must say great minds do think alike.  This is the very thought I had just pondered the other day.  Therefore, I do not find this proposal for an Amendment 28 the least bit outlandish.  Now, I can’t necessarily agree with each item, that was put forth.  Like shipping those candidates in direct violation of — off to France — not the best idea in the world to me, but I get the meaning.  

And, it makes me revel with joy even in the remotest of possibilities, that we could have an issuance of a 28th Amendment, to ban all further discussion of religion in our political campaigns, forums and arenas.  Especially in our presidential debates.

At this time, I’m not sure which I’ve grown the most tiresome of ? 

The candidates pledging their allegiances to their religion God & Jesus.  Or the pastors vehemently spewing their venom on who they’re endorsing, so in return we should thereby vote for them, which is solely based on the Bible scriptures [their interpretation].  Everyone of us should have grown weary by now – just from listening. 

What if The 28th Amendment, read:

Section 1. The right of presidential aspirants to discuss religion, invoke sacred texts, or mention God on the campaign trail is hereby repealed.

Section 2. Whenever a religious figure endorses any candidate for the presidency that candidate must reject aforesaid endorsement.

Section 3. The Congress shall have power to have the offending religious figure immediately deported to France.

Sally Quinn & Jacque Berlinerblau on Race and Religion in Politics – How about a 28Th Amendment? (video)

Bringing religion into politics is a recipe for disaster, hasn’t it been proved?  There are too many denominations and each declare, that theirs is the absolute truth the one we all should model. 

This weekend I tuned into ‘Nightline’.  There was a segment on Atheists/Atheism –yeah yeah, I hear you booing.  I found it fascinating, that on Sunday mornings they hold not only church services, but Sunday School.  Granted their teaching is absent of there is a God or a Jesus.  Yet, the very ideals being taught and the very doctrine which they follow is in the absolute realm of the love & spirit of Jesus/God.  And, to witness this service even if it was only by way of television – I felt the spirit of who they profess not to believe in, which is their right.

Here is an ‘Atheist Prayer’ I’d like to share with you, keep an open mind: 

Let us remember our brotherhood with others as we hear this prayer,
which is addressed to us, rather than to our Gods

Let us rise each morning and strive each day to do only that which brings happiness and joy to others, an avoid doing things that cause others hurt and pain,

Let us use our minds and our reason to force a behavior, based on the mutuality of reciprocity inherent in human relationship,

Let us always respect the dignity and worth of each other,

And, above all else – love one another not to obtain rewards for ourselves now, or for the hereafter to avoid punishment 

But, rather to always bring each other contentment and peace.

If I had a choice I’d prefer for my president or any of the presidential hopefuls to operate off the premise of this atheist prayer, than to adhere to any scripture in the Bible, that gives them a belief, that war is okay.  So, let’s go bomb them even if we have to stay there 100 years.

Listen in on BlogTalkRadio/LibertyTalkRadio – The Separation of Church and State,
Host: Joe Cristiano



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3 responses to “An Amendment to Repeal Any Discussion of Religion in Politics

  1. audralunar

    I believe many are thinking on the lines of you, it is time for religion to be removed from the candidates dialogue and speech.

  2. pippylongstockings

    What a peaceful prayer – from an Atheist.

  3. I don’t think it’s so much as needing an amendment as simply removing the “litmus test” questioning that the candidates get grilled with over religion.

    If it weren’t for the mention of religion in politics, what would there be left for the “Leftinstra” to grill GOP candidates over?

    CNN’s YouTube debates were a prime example. Romney and Huckabee constantly plagued with “God” questions.

    Remove THAT aspect, and problem solved.


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