If You’re Not a Christian then You’re Not an American

There are too many so called Christians I mean Bible toting Holier than thou, I really truly don’t know the real meaning of Jesus or His Spirit, I’m only filled with hate and judgement.  I’m consumed with it.  And, they feel if you’re not a Christian, then you are anti-America.  Thereby, rendering you not an American – Wow! 

I awoke this morning to Ann Curry from the ‘Today Show’ interviewing Senator Barack Obama.  I caught the tail end of it, but “Oh My” was it ever powerful.  Potent enough to make me throw up at 7am this morning.  Well, not literally but you catch my drift right?

The ending was much to do about nothing – his lack of bowling skills, if he was embarrassed to have bowled a score of 37?  A series of multiple choice questions regarding favorites in sports. Then out of nowhere came the God questions.  ‘Do you pray? Do you pray to God and How often do you pray?’ (seriously I was mad at myself for rolling over at this time.)

Of course Senator Obama responded with the correct answers.  Yes he prayed to God and not a red monkey who ate green bananas and flies.  He shared that he prayed on a daily basis.  However, on some days he even prayed twice.  Both giggled in agreement those must have been on the very challenging ones.  If Senator Barack Obama would have said that he reads the Holy Koran, but he considered himself a Christian I wonder how it would have played out?  Something like this – he is a practicing Muslim, which makes him a terrorist and although the Senator was born in America – he is not American. 

 There’s only one criteria that will qualify you as not American and that’s if you were not born in America.  The presumption that being a Christian makes you a lover and protector of this great country is dangerous.  To presume if you’re not a Christian, then you’re an evildoer of this land is fatal. A Muslim a Jew an Atheist or the person that simply claims to be nothing other than a believer a Child of God is no less patriotic as the next man or woman saluting their red white and blue flag.

The United States Constitution clearly states that Everyone born in America is an American, it is not stipulated on your practice of chosen religion or faith.  Your religion has absolutely no baring on your citizenship.  The constitution does not declare our Nation, as a Christian nation.  Our nation was not founded as such, but rather It guarantees freedom of choice regarding ones religion. 

If you were born in the United States and deem yourself an Atheist or Satanist it’s not relevant to your citizenship.  Ones religious belief is a private affair to be practice in the synagogue, church or whatever building or structure that you deem fit.  It’s a sacred affair.  The constitution states, that the government must remain neutral when it comes to religion.  Our theological beliefs aren’t and should not be a concern of the governments.

It is time for a 28TH amendment repealing any further discussion of religion in politics. 


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One response to “If You’re Not a Christian then You’re Not an American

  1. pippylongstockings

    A large segment of the world’s population, would believe that Senator Obama prays to a red monkey that eats red & green bananas. I will relish the day when this presidential race has concluded.

    As you so eloquently stated, our theological beliefs should not concern the government. This is a personal question, if you choose not to answer I will understand. What religion are you? You sound as if you do not carry any type of judgement towards Atheists or the “ism.”

    I would support a 28TH Amendment.

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