So It Took An Atheist To Separate The Church and The State

I salute Rob Sherman, father and Dawn Sherman, daughter who are both proud Atheists.

Mr. Sherman took on the Illinois State Legislature to defend his daughter’s rights against the ‘Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act’. 

This was a law which had been passed, requiring all students through out the public school system to participate in a daily moment of silence.  Something which is most definitive of a prayer. 

Dawn Sherman, 14 years of age filed a lawsuit (with the assistance of her father, due to her minor age) against the Northwest Suburban Township High School District 214.   

Rob Sherman who is an atheist activist was able to secure an injunction, base on the grounds that this was a direct violation against the separation of church and state.

I can hear all the religious fanatics and Christians going – tsk tsk tsk! 

Yet, if they would just think about it?  Do you really want just anyone teaching your children or your grandchildren the evils or the love of the Bible?  I know folks who solely preach hate based from it.  I was told quite often as a young teen, that I was going straight to Hell.  Of course, I never believed it.  You see I don’t believe in Hell or a Satan. 

But, for those who dare not move without asking Their Lord or Their Higher Power — well, you shouldn’t even want to risk your child being taught the wrong thing.  Something that goes against the very core of your religious beliefs.  And, isn’t this a good reason to keep church and state separate?

Regardless as to whether you agree or not, there was an amendment to the law, the word ‘prayer’ was removed, it was taken out. 

It’s now called the ‘Student Silent Reflection Act’ and it is not mandatory, it’s optional.

It took an Atheist and a 14 year old to separate church and state.

And, I say ‘Power To The People!’





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2 responses to “So It Took An Atheist To Separate The Church and The State

  1. audralunar

    Good for them! I dare to think if some of the leaders at my junior high school had the control to have made me pray. A moment of silence would have turned into condemnation for an hour.

  2. What you talking about Willis! Junior High School was hell for me. Terrorized by the girls who didn’t quite want to do the right things. Gay Bashed for my sexual orientation. And, Teachers who held me accountable for the boys inappropriate actions to me, “becuz it was my fault that my breasts were so big.” Hail Mary full of grace, no way I want idiots like that teaching me prayer! Be Good, Sister.

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