The Pulpit Leaders saying, No To The Endorsements of Candidates

Are my eyes playing tricks on me, probably not. 

Okay, 60 CEO’s from Evangelical Churches, Universities, and other Affiliated Organizations were polled by the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) as to whether or not they told their parishioners, church members who to vote for.  The answer was an unequivocal ‘NO’. 

Now that’s a good thing to find out, but it’s also a loaded question in my book – it’s wide open – and left for interpretation.  I would have liked to have asked these 60 respondents, “At anytime when you are instructing your flock to vote their conscience, do you often end with a Bible scripture or verse, then add – Now you make the right decision?” 

Especially, when one of the denominational leaders had this to say,

“We do not advise who to vote for, We continually endeavor to have a prophetic note in our preaching that addresses the various social issues….We leave it to each parishioner to evaluate the candidates and to make their own personal decision about who they will vote for.”  

Oh yeah, those prophetic notes of preaching and the various social issues, which they feel compelled to address especially around election and voting time – like abortion called murder – not pro choice or possibly pregnancy from rape/and or incest… 

And, the really big one which seems to be a continual fire of roasting, I mean social issue – the homosexual lifestyle.  I had a Pastor, just as many who never per se told us how to vote.  He merely recited the scriptures that He felt condemned the lifestyle of the gay and lesbian community, what he called with a sour and bitter disdain ‘homosexuals’. 

Eventually, he got around before the closing of his sermons by asking us to join him in a prayer of mercy for those candidates in support of those homosexuals.  And, we couldn’t leave out a prayer of strength for the candidates that were abiding by God’s Law of opposing it.   I believe that says who to vote for. 

The respondents/leaders admitted to passing out voting materials and brochures.  I’d find it hard to believe that any literature was distributed that wasn’t representative of the candidate who was their pick and choice. 

Yet, who am I ?  Just a person that knows religion and politics does not mix.  They do not make the best bedfellows.  Read more at Pulpit Politicking/Americans United for Separation of Church and State.


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One response to “The Pulpit Leaders saying, No To The Endorsements of Candidates

  1. pippylongstockings

    I agree somehow they find a way of telling their congregation. When a pastor/bishop etc. thinks it is their responsibility to tell you if you’re marrying the right one, then you know they are going to tell you what and who to give ‘YOUR’ vote, too.

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