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We’ve Already Had Two Black Presidents, Barack Obama!


I read the most interesting article in the New York Time Magazine, yesterday.  “Our First Black President?”  Never mind Barack Obama.  What about Warren Harding?  by Beverly Gage

Now, I knew that we had the former President Bill Clinton inducted into the Afrikkan American/Black Hall of Fame — Our Community.  It always sent a chill up-n-down my spine and in the latter years, it literally made me want to regurgitate, you know throw up vomit and puke.  He can accredited author Toni Morrison for that now I’m sure regretted mistake.  However, many did not understand the meaning in which her remark was construed.
So, I’ll bring those up to date. 

The African American Community of men are stereotyped as adulterous to their wives and disloyal to their women, men who just can’t make a commitment to one woman, the major sellers of drugs and preferably crack, but with Bill Clinton the allegations was cocaine,  they are presumed to be merely cheaters liars and thieves in the game of life and politics, and who can only make a mark in life thru sports or music, but we know this definition is not stereotypical of what is a Black man, yet since it has been perpetrated by our society, then alright he was our First Black Saxophone Playing on the Arsenio Hall Show, fits the mode and by default the first black president.  Let me get on with it.

However, never during my schooling, as I sat listening to [rewritten] American History did I ever hear a mention of the remotest possibility, that President Warren Harding was what one was called back then, a ‘colored man’.  No I’d have to say that not an inkling of this was alluded too throughout my primary education.   The mere question, that it presented as a part of American History was never spoken of. 

Historian William Estabrook Chancellor, put together a controversial biographical book of the late President Warren Harding.  Harding’s great grandmother was a ‘colored woman’.  Through his findings, which was common knowledge, he discovered that President Harding’s generations of family ancestry had been known as ‘colored’, as black.  However, within his family this was not something that was to be discussed.  The only thing that needed mentioning, was that Warren their kinfolk was ‘passing’ and they were by all means ‘colored’ folks.  This was the only way he was going to remain president and keep himself from getting lynched. 

Passing wasn’t unusual that’s if your skin tone permitted it.  Look at it this way — it was no different than when Jews proclaimed to be Christians.  It’s still denying.  I’ll take it a step further, it’s no different today as when other cultures must denounce their garb and dress, in order to blend it.  Here in America, it’s the American way.  Their culture – their dress – their religion.

Yes, I would have remembered this.  It would have been a topic of discussion, as my family sat down for dinner.  It would have been something in which many colored children would have nurtured as we advanced into a people of Negroes.  A hope, a place in the American History Books because all other traces of where we justly & rightly belonged, had been barbarically and savagely taken away…merely removed without a trace.  Except for the word, slavery.      


The other ugly big elephant standing in the room Of and With politics – Race.

White America came up with the ‘one drop rule’ for race relations to ensure that their white race remained untainted and pure, lily white.  As I pen those words sadness engulfs me.  What stupidity!  Not simply coming from an ignorant racist mindset but from religion – The Holy Bible.  Their interpretation and meaning of. 

It doesn’t matter that the ‘one drop rule’ basically is still standing as is.  I guess that it only stands when it suites their purpose?  And, it wouldn’t suite their purpose to uphold it in this event. 

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