Alabama Confirms This Is a Christian Nation

We all know there are some living in a dream world.  They feel more safe – they feel more secure – with their heads buried deeply in the sand.  This is why I won’t spend my precious time arguing about religion or debating anyone on the validity of the scriptures.  Yet, it doesn’t mean that I won’t express my opinion 
then move on.

The Mayflower


You know it is even folks living in a dream about who discovered this nation, the land and all those other pertinent pieces of facts which have been rewritten for United States History.  Now the great state of Alabama has been inspired to RECOGNIZE EASTER WEEK AS CHRISTIAN HERITAGE WEEK, that’s right.

Article I: “We all came to these parts of America with one and the same end and aim, namely to advance the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and to enjoy the liberties of the Gospel in purity and peace”; and

 Oh my!  Isn’t this enough to make you throw your breakfast up?  They came here to spread the good word. To live in peace and to advance the kingdom, which is by and through the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Wow!  So, I guess it was Jesus who told them, that after the Indians have fed you, taught you how to live off this land and toil this land  – KILL’EM – MASSACRE THEM! OH YEAH – DON’T FORGET TO SCALP THEM.  And, we know when they got finished with the Indians, they didn’t stop there with all this we came in Jesus spread the word of love and peace – [beware].

I read this a few days ago, it was first reported by Americans United for Separation of Church and State, I love them, they are a part of my blogroll.  Anyways, I just couldn’t get passed those words in the above quotation, because if anyone believes this was their reason for coming and the premise in which they operated from – then no wonder America lives in one big lie. when posting this questioned how would the nonchristian business owners feel and now that I’ve had 2 days to simmer down and digest I can now say, ‘Geesle Pete’!  I wonder how it is going to effect them?  My sentiments are you should be proud not to call yourself the definition of what a christian or a religious person represents – sorry if you’re offended – I really am. 

Yet, this monopoly which Christians feel they have a right too, has long gotten out of hand.  Christianity is supposedly love sharing and sensitivity, when it comes to declaring a Christian Heritage Week it’s selfish thoughtless and surely arrogant at best.

How so?  Do you think Muslims, Atheists could call themselves a special Heritage Week for their state?
You can read more about the Alabama Legislative speaking about the Mayflower Compact & it’s influence on The Constitution, blah blah blah Click Here To – Extra Extra – Read All About It! (Search “Resolutions” for “Christian Heritage Week.”)



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4 responses to “Alabama Confirms This Is a Christian Nation

  1. audralunar

    The Mayflower, okay. And the people that boarded came in the strength of what and who? Yes, they will rewrite history, many people especially abusers will rewrite history to fit their needs and denials and lies.

  2. Oh well, what can we say? Oh yeah, how about ‘Truth.’

  3. Yeah the TRUTH, those nice Pilgrams were actually scheduled to and headed for Jamestown, Virginia. However, these lovely people seeking freedom hijacked the ship, and forced the captain to head to New England so they could land on Plymouth Rock.

  4. ‘Hijacked’ the ship – huh! I just love those peaceful coming in the name of Jesus & God, people.

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