Pat Buchanan is a Racial Arsonist

Frederick Douglas                                                                                  

Frederick Douglas on Patriotism:

“a True Patriot is a lover of his country, who rebukes and does not excuse its sins”.

Dr. Martin Luther King, delivered a speech at his church “Why I am Opposed to the Vietnam War.”  He spoke on God’s judgement of America, voicing his belief on just how arrogant America was.  From the working definition of Mr. Frederick Douglas, he expressed that the United States was ‘the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today’.

What was the Fall Out behind this?

Immediately, he became one of the least admired and less respected persons, plus one the most hated people of America. Whereas, just a few years prior he had been considered one of America’s most loved.  He was the very man who had worked diligently across this great nation operating from a premise of peace and goodwill towards all mankind — not merely fighting for civil rights, but human rights for everyone.  Regardless of religion or color.  Every accomplishment made was through nonviolence.

  1. 1964-1965  He had sat at the table with President Lyndon Byrd Johnson to help establish the Voting Right and Civil Right Acts.
  2. 1967  After the speech in opposition of the Vietnam War – his invitation to the White House was withdrawn.
  3. 1968  He was shot dead.

Why?  Because, his patriotism the love for his country was called into question.

The Word Patriot and The ‘ism’ 

The definition of  is really simple, but can become clouded and scary.  It’s a doubled edge sword with a double meaning.  Based on who you are and where you come from.  What color and what race you might be.  It’s a major player, a deciding factor in what you can say and what you’re allowed to get away with.  It determines whether you’ll get a free pass or not.  

The second definition of what constitutes a True Patriot and what is real patriotism, states that no matter what ugliness evilness or wrongdoing that America commits, you’ll uphold never speak against or rebuke it.  Simply, ‘God Bless America no matter what she does’. 

From this definition, I don’t think I and most will ever truly be able to fulfill the requirements of patriotism.  Yet, there are some that no matter what America has done or will do are capable of saluting the red white and blue.

Pat Buchanan:

“America has been the best country on earth for Black Folks no people anywhere has done more to lift up Blacks than White Americans – Welfare, Food Stamps, Rent Supplements, Section 8 Housings.”

He’s been given precious print and air time to express these racist views:

  1. Due to the higher rate of Afrikkan American incarceration, (which he feels doesn’t stem from racial injustices), this makes them morally inferior.
  2. Blacks had the greatest opportunity of all through being enslaved, by being brought here on a ‘cruise ship’ then being introduced to ‘christianity’. 
  3. The slaves had ‘jobs’ waiting on them, because ‘his Irish ancestors didn’t have cushy plantation jobs waiting and set in place for them’. 

Patriotism should never outweigh humanness nor decency.  As an American, my country has been a part of things, that have literally made me say out loud, “Geesh I’m ashamed to say that I’m an American right now.”  Has it made me want to give up my citizenship, my birthright?  Of course not.

Now, Dr. Martin Luther King and Reverend Jeremiah Wright were ostracized for speaking out.  And really truth be told Dr. King met death behind it.  Yet, Pastors John Hagee and Ron Parsley can take to their pulpits and spew the most powerful of venom as to why events and the most unfortunate of occurrences are happening here in America.  The media and the major news outlets report and brush over it, very gently. And as of today, they are both still very much alive. 

Yes, Pat Buchanan is a racial arsonist, who goes around setting fires and trying to burn down – wanting to replace with – more racial divide.  Not my definition of an American Patriot.   




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5 responses to “Pat Buchanan is a Racial Arsonist

  1. Pippylongstockings

    I agree with Frederick Douglas and I hope that you don’t allow Pat Buchanan’s ignorant and highly racist remarks bother you.

  2. From my perspective Rev. Dr. King spoke the unyeilding truth. That being, the world powers were raping the world of its resources at the cost of human lives. He saw where Viet Nam, the war, was just the opening salvo of wars for resources. He saw that the U.S. was fighting to protect the rubber plantations owned by Michelin and Firestone and he spoke on this. Rev. Wright spoke of one of the symptoms that leads to this truth but, not the cause though he may well know the cause. Now the United States is in a war for the survival of the once almight dollar, and losing the battle.

  3. I love a Truth Seeker and a Truth Speaker.

  4. Matt

    Did you see Patrick Buchanan’s rendition of world war 2?!?! AHAHAHAHAH. It very cute. Check it out if your intrested here –
    Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War

  5. Hey Matt,
    I just clicked to take a peek, I can see this is going to be interesting! He’s a sad and pathetic little man because he’s afraid – He lives in Fear. What If all the hate and injustice was ever turned on me, that’s what he lives in.

    Glad u stopped by come again,

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