Senator Obama on This is Not Just a Christian Nation

Senator Obama, This is Not Just a Christian NationThe 25th presidential debate took place at Messiah College, ‘The Compassion Forum’.  Dr. Joel Hunter a Sr. Pastor with 12,000 members asked Hillary Clinton about the upcoming social issues, that she may soon face if elected president.  Those being the Darfur Crisis, Aids, Abortion, Torture – Life and Death issues.                      

  “What are the first principles you’ll fall back on to make such decisions, are there certain activities or references or people with whom you will consult in order to do what is morally right?”  Oh, what a crock!  Although I could tell the Sr. Pastor was impressed with himself in his tone, the pace, his annunciation, his articulation and the delivery of it.  Yep, I’d have to say that he felt honorable to stand up in this public forum – where we should for some strange an odd reason be discussing/debating politics.  It was his moment to hopefully leave there knowingly that he had just added 12,000 more members to his congregation.  And, it was his opportunity to make history by saying to hell with the United States Constitution and that little thing called the First Amendment – separation between church and state.  Let me say though, No Harm No Foul to the good pastor.   

Hillary never answered the question regarding the exact ‘principles’ that she would follow.  She began her response in the same approach & prelude as Dr. Hunter.  It was as if it had been scripted and rehearsed between the two.  I felt like I was watching ‘Who wants to be a Soap Star?’  Her gentle calming tone.  [Clinton is like a bulldog].  HRC admitted those issues are challenging and daunting, she’ll surround herself around others so that she may be exposed to different points of views & opinions.  It was a long drawn out blah blah blah.

One of the most profound things Hillary Clinton stated at the onset about the principles, that she would follow, “I do have a sense of the process which I will try to approach them.”  Okay, you’ve got a sense of it without any exact or precise ‘principles’ that you can cite at this time.  Oh, that’s scarey.  Because, she’s going to pull from the root, the core of her prayers – Ouch!  Hillary was a praying woman when she casted her vote for the war.  Morally right?  Rooted in prayer?  An, answer from the scripture?  Next – enough said.  Religion has no place in politics. 

“If one of your daughters asked you – Daddy did God really create the world in six days what would you say?”  This was a question directed at Senator Barack Obama by Campbell Brown.  I would have loved to have heard the senator respond by saying, “What are you talking about we’re atheists.”  

He proceeded to explain the answer, that he would share with them and of course it didn’t take on a life quite the way I would have preferred it.  Instead, his response was that God created the universe and the 6 days may not be in the space of time as we would know it to be.  It may not be in 24 hour days.  Also, instead of discussing the 80,000 jobs we have just lost I was fortunate enough to learn that he believes in evolution.  Well, that’s a beautiful thing but I’m more concerned with the families in my city who are holding down 2 and 3 jobs just to feed their children.  Evolution – God created the universe in 6 days – no place in politics – separation of church and state.

However, the senator was asked a question that clearly states that we’re in disagreence over this matter.

“Americans believe religion have far too much influence in politics, what do you say to that?” 

He acknowledged that some believe such as I that there should be no discussion of religion in politics, because it’s a violation of church and state, then on the other side of the spectrum are those who believe  separation of church of state shouldn’t exist, period.  Senator Obama believes both extremes are wrong.  Everyone should be able to come to the public square with their faith and religious beliefs, but it needs to be translated in an universal language.  He states all great leaders were able to do this.  You can’t come with the attitude that you’ve got the direct line to God, basically that your religion & faith is the right one and all others are wrong.

This was one of the most profound did you hear him people, that he said:

We are just not a Christian Nation.  We’re a Jewish Nation, We’re a Buddhist Nation, We’re a Muslim Nation, a Hindu Nation, We’re a Nation of Atheists – Nonbelievers.”

  And, it was well received with great applaud.

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5 responses to “Senator Obama on This is Not Just a Christian Nation

  1. Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion. It is also the most misunderstood. One in five people across the globe today profess Islam, representing every branch of humanity and every walk of life. What is the attraction? What do Muslims believe? What is Islam all about? To go behind the headlines and beyond the hype, read on …

    Islam is not named after a personality, as is Christianity after Jesus Christ or Buddhism after Buddha, where mortals are deified as man-gods and worshipped alongside or in place or the Creator. Neither is Islam a tribal religion like Hinduism or Judaism (named after the Hindu and Judaic tribes respectively), where salvation is an ethnic birthright and expression of racial supremacy is considered virtuous. Nor does Islam take its name after a political ideology like Marxism or Capitali$m; both of which exploit the poor and vulnerable, rape the Earth of her resources and destroy her environment. ‘Islam’ actually means ‘Submission to the will of Allah (the One True God)’. Anyone who embraces Islam, submitting their will to that of Allah, is a Muslim. ‘Islam’ also implies ‘peace’, ‘security’ and ‘salvation’ – all of which are natural consequences of submitting to God.

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    Verily, Allah enjoins justice, goodness and helping (one’s) relatives; and He forbids obscenities, wickedness and all kinds of oppression and extremism. Thus does He admonish you, that you may take heed. (The Holy Quran, Chapter 16, Verse 90)

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    ‘Forgive the one who wrongs you; join the one who cuts you off; do good to the one who does evil to you; and speak the truth, even if it be against yourself.’

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    The basic building block of any society is the family unit. Here again, Islam lays down comprehensive morals, enjoining, amongst other virtuous deeds, parental responsibility and a child’s reciprocal dutifulness to its parents.

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    This present life is like the water We send down from the clouds so that the luxuriant herbage sustaining man and beast may grow; until when the Earth adorns it garments and is beautified, and its people believe they are the masters. Down then comes Our scourge upon it by night or in broad day, laying it waste as though it had not flourished the day before. Thus We make plain Our Signs to a thoughtful people.

    (The Holy Qur’an, Chapter 10, Verse 24-25)

    This then is a glimpse into Islam, the true Religion of God. Not just a religion, but a truly complete way of life in which the relation of the individual to society and the material to spiritual are balanced in perfect harmony. Islam is simple, rational and practical. For truth seekers of every background, it offers certainty and security of faith – unlike other religions that have to change to stay relevant, to suit popular culture, or are otherwise subject to the designs of man. Thus, only through the guidance of Islam, the The Holy Quran and the Sunna, can humanity be saved today, and till the End of Days.

    Righteousness is not that you turn your faces to the east and the west. But righteousness is the one who believes in Allah, the Last Day, the Angels, the Scripture and the Prophets; who gives his wealth, in spite of love for it, to kinsfolk, orphans, the poor, the wayfarer, to those who ask, and to set slaves free. And (righteousness are) those who pray, pay alms, honour their agreements, and are patient during conflict. Such are the people of truth. And they are the God-Fearing. (The Holy Quran, Chapter 2, Verse 177)

    In short, this is an invitation

    To leave the worship of creation, for worship of the Creator, From the narrowness of this world, to its vastness and the vastness of the world to come, & from the tyranny of man, to the justice of Islam

  2. Well, I thank you for the invite. I sensed it was heartfelt. I read your words from top to bottom and bottom to the top.

    I’ve come to discover, that no matter what faith or religion that we follow basically we are embracing the same very ‘core’ belief.

    But, like Senator Obama stated moments before he made it clear to us, this was not just a Christian Nation – We get so bogged down.

    So bogged down in the definition, your interpretation vs my interpretation and neither one of us knows whose right. We fight each other just to prove. But, if people wouldn’t do this everyone could really see, that we are not that different. Not that different in the very ‘core’ belief of things.

    I don’t do organize religion any more it’s too busy trying to prove ‘one absolute truth’. Organized religion gives people a free pass in the name of to judge hate destroy kill stifle bomb start wars and [no disrespect] Islam is no different. Christianity is the same they pray before they go murder – nations countries continents. Yet, it’s all okay, becuz it’s contained in those scriptures.

    There are good stewards & warriors thru out each denomination/religion/faith. And there are some bad.

    What might shock you – maybe so – maybe not. Is that I have found purer hearts, kinder hearts from those who are professed Atheists – Unbelievers. Have you ever read an Atheists’ prayer? It would shock you. Too bad many don’t pray like that.

    If there is a God and I believe there is -IF- they don’t know him, well he sure knows them and he loves them – no doubt.

    Should I say, God bless you or may your Allah continue to bless you. Any which way, I’m sure that you feel my heartfelt wish for you.

    Go Well, Be Well & Come Back and Hang Out,

  3. audralunar

    I wonder what the fall out will he have to face from those remarks?

  4. i really like what obama said. we are a nation full of every kind of people. i know he isnt an atheist, but it is nice to see that he recognizes that there are other belief systems out there. i think it would do the country a world of good to have an atheist or agnostic president. there is a separation of church and state, so why does the religious practices of the elected officials even matter? thanks also for your comment on my blog. i will definitely be back to visit yours!

  5. Hey Atheist Girl – Welcome!

    When Senator Obama said it you could tell that he wanted it to resonate, do you hear me loud and clear people, and he didn’t seem as if he was looking for an argument.

    It would do this world alot of good to have an atheist – muslim – black – latino – hispanic – woman – transgendered – something else other than the color and gender of presidents that we’ve had through out history.

    It is seriously time for a change you feel me!

    Talk at ya later, new friend.

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