Would you Kneel and Kiss Pope Benedict XVI Ring in Honor of Tradition

Okay, I cannot keep silent any longer!

I’m hearing this buzz about the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI and what is the appropriate protocol when greeting him.  A celebration was given in honor of the pontiff which took place at The White House this past Wednesday.  The tradition is to not only kiss his ‘ring’ but one must kneel down (bow down), as you’re doing it – kissing his sacred piece of ‘jewelry’.  Would somebody give me a barf bag please?

Nancy Pelosi the House Speaker was in attendance, whereas she followed tradition and planted a kiss on the great pontiff’s jewel.  Mind you now – Pelosi is a woman of power prestige and influence.  However if she would have opted not to keep in tradition, I’ll share with you what I discovered by way of Blogesque, “Even if she didn’t go that far, such obsequious behavior from a top-ranked US government official is obscene, undignified and un-American. By virtue of her leadership position. Pelosi represents the entire country —.” 

And, this is only one of the various reasons that I do not participate in organized religion.

The Pope is simply a mere mortal/a human being.  The bowing down and kissing is symbolic to being of a God like status.  And, more often than not this is the very category which most men and women of the cloth position themselves.  Yet, they were ordained by man – human being. They anoint themselves and each other. Their earned titles of hierachy are just like our everyday promotions at the office.

I remember years ago, when I was actively involved in church.  As active as a free thinker that wouldn’t allow herself to be bound and chained could be.  We were approaching our church’s anniversary.  The co-pastor and pastor of the church were putting together a gala in celebration. 

Both were toying with the idea, that it was now time for the congregation to ‘wash their feet’.  Oh, it’s very symbolic the highest regard the highest respect.  Jesus’ apostles washed his feet.  It might have been right before he was slayed.  Also, if I’m correct Jesus may have washed their feet, but I’m not getting ready to digg through the many scriptures of the Bible.  Whatever way…you catch my drift? 

Well apparently they concluded their God like status was due for this type of recognition.  They had it all mapped out.  Down to what kind of basins they would purchase – even the color of them. Now the co-pastor my adopted big sister knew that I was a very different kind of breed.  Meaning when you get right down to it – those standing in the pulpits are just like me – human.  So, ‘Get off your high horse and keep your reins pulled in tight’.

When the day came for us to wash their feet I was no where to be found.  Of course I was asked to leave the church family (isn’t that Christian) ?   And if the Pope, the White House or America was waiting for me to kneel down and kiss his ring, my only words “I’ll kiss your ring & wash your feet the day that you kiss my ass – my donkey’s ass, that is.

Congress and politics!

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3 responses to “Would you Kneel and Kiss Pope Benedict XVI Ring in Honor of Tradition

  1. pippylongstockings

    No disrespect for Catholics Congress or America but I would not kneel to kiss the Pope’s ring. I would not kiss his ring under no conditions.

    When in Rome do what the Romans do and here in America I’m going to uphold the principle of Me. Sorry he is not a demigod or a God.

    I want to appear respectful to his religion and his status, yet I would not do it.

  2. NO!
    Even if I were so inclined …like if someone hit me in the head and I became a completely different person…I don’t know where that ring has been or all the other ring kissing sycophants’ lips have been..ewww.

  3. LOL! you guys are funny! what you say Honjii…ewww!!!

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