No Religious Test Shall Ever Be Required in Order To Take Office

What is the religious role in government?   

What did Thomas Jefferson Thomas Paine or James Madison say?  Do you know? 

Presumably they built this country in the legal sense —

Here’s an excerpt from the First Amendment Article VI Section Three: 

‘but No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or any public trust under the United States’.

That’s funny because we can rarely turn on a program without one of the presidential hopefuls being grilled on their religious beliefs and if you happen to be Senator Barack Obama, well you’re even held accountable for what your pastor thinks or preaches.

Then we have the men and women holding other public offices throwing in their two cents.  Questioning the integrity of the past and present candidates, due to their religion.  It’s sad they can’t uphold the Constitution – it really is called breaking the law.  You can call what you want.  I see it like a form of treason, so-to-speak.  I put it in the same category.  

And, here is some information that I will share with you that I wasn’t aware of until today —

Mississippi Alabama and Texas within the laws of their individual State Constitution (always struck down though) had it written, that you didn’t have to profess the belief as a Christian, but you had to profess a belief in a supreme being or higher power.

So are they really trying to make me believe let alone try to convince me, that if one of their citizens (candidates) professed their belief in ‘Allah’ that they were ‘Muslim’ and they read from the ‘Koran’ it would be okay?  I’m not buying it.

This takes me back several decades ago when a girlfriend of mine was wanting to become an Ohio State Trooper.  However the guideline set, which was written in our state Constitution was that you had to be registered as a Republican.  Now how democratic was this?  Such a fair process and I say this sarcastically speaking.  Not sure how it is today?  Yet I don’t see the difference in the two, you know what I mean?

You can find more at The Enlightenment Show/Separation of Church and State {watch the show}.

Have a Free Speech First Amendment Right – Kind of Day!



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