Christians are just so Godly

Politics in the pulpit — I mean really — are they that intimidated by this man? 

Who wants to hear this little fiasco has anything to do with being ‘Godly.’  Oops wait a minute maybe the Holy Spirit came to him while he was in a deep sleep.  Instructed the great pastor to judge his brethren without a shred of fact(s) or evidence.  When are they or the rest of the critics going to become weary of the hate and nonsense?

While I am sure they are in the name of The Most High, ‘Let’s Pray for Senator Obama’s soul’ I can without hesistation state, ‘that I am praying for theirs.’  Such sad and pathetic little creatures – what a waste of humaness.  My heart bleeds for people who have such empty lives and no focus, that day in and day out the only thing they’re capable of – is spewing venom and lies.  Never any solutions or remedies to the problems – just constantly throwing oil on the fire!

You can read the man of the cloth, the Leader of a people and church – read his explanation as to why he feels compelled to do this, because right now I’m pretty much finished with it – I’ve already given him to much attention and time.  Jonesville Church of God – {Oh My!}

One last thought before I close this up if there is any truth to the Bible – ‘And Jesus Wept.’ 

Whoa…the Christians know how to make him cry.






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3 responses to “Christians are just so Godly

  1. pippylongstockings

    You nailed them – definition of those true christians.

  2. audralunar


  3. Hey Ladies,

    my daily dose of christianity.

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