Liberty Of Conscience In Defense of America’s Tradition Of Religious Equality

Martha Nussbaum and I agree whole heartily on this “People who don’t want a lot of religious observance in public life are not our enemies, are not mocking us, or denigrating us, but they are worried about something that is a real issue.  Namely how can we be a Nation of Equals?”

“Martha Nussbaum, the Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics at University of Chicago, about church and state, and her newest book, LIBERTY OF CONSCIENCE: IN DEFENSE OF AMERICA’S TRADITION OF RELIGIOUS EQUALITY”.

Martha is a leading philosopher I wonder if that makes me one, too?  Seeing as this is her quote and I agree with her.  Plus, she feels that our country should not not be defined by one religious belief.  Haven’t I said this all along?  Yet, she and I part ways when it comes to this — she is of the belief that no one person truly believes there should be an absolute separation of church and state.  But, I do.  

It’s really very simple an I’ll explain – 

It’s this little thing called the First Amendment (read it).  You won’t see it as I and the next man won’t see it like you.  It’s like the telephone game.  By the time it gets to the very last person the message has been so misconstrued, bent and twisted right out of shape.  Everyone has thrown in their own nuts and screws.  The nuts and bolts of how they deciphered the message that was told to them.  It’s the same exact thing when it comes to the reading of the First Amendment.

Real quickly, last example.  I read a Bible scripture and come away with my interpretation.  You’ll read the very same one – Viola!  You walk away with a different meaning of interpretation.  Therefore, until ‘We’ speak a universal language of religion faith belief – then yes I believe in absolute separation of church and state.

Now I’m not sure how far off the mark me and Dear Martha are on this point that she made, “If you look into the religions they all have this deep idea of human dignity,” (and it basically translates through our conscience).  That’s interesting.  My introduction to religion (Christianity) was that I was only a wretch, you me and the rest of us, forever & for always.  There’s no human dignity in that. 

Martha was once a Christian, she’s now Jewish.  Her ancestors came over on the Mayflower, whereby she explains they stole the Indians land.  Why?  They felt their Christianity gave them their right to have it – (lovely).  Religion – Human Dignity – Conscience – Translates – To What?

I found Martha Nussbaum a very likable person in the short 30 minutes of her interview with Bill Moyers.  She said some most profound things that I won’t forget, that people who stand up and holler God Bless America makes them no more protected by God or (patriotic) than the next man.  I tossed patriotic in.  This includes if you wear a flag lapel pin, too.  Which by the way John McCain has not worn since he’s been running for president.  Yet, he throws fiery darts at Senator Barack Obama, just like Hillary Clinton – throwing darts – not a lapel pin in sight!  Folks are ignorant.  And you think we’re going to get a universal language of religion for a public square and format – dream on.

And, this was really deep to me,

“The imprisonment of the soul and the rape of the soul,” is when you try to force someone to believe in a religion not of their choice.” 

Our founding fathers declared, that this was not a christian nation. 

And, even if they had no one can tell you what faith or religion to embrace practice nor believe in.

You can read the full transcript or watch the interview at Moyers/Nussbaum and come out with your own interpretation and meaning of everything that was said.

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One response to “Liberty Of Conscience In Defense of America’s Tradition Of Religious Equality

  1. pippylongstockings

    America is now at this moment only trying to make a conscience effort not to imprison or rape your soul given by Nussabaum’s definition.

    The disturbing part is they are not concerned with the raping of our candidates. Romney Obama etc.

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