Simply Because I Can

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I swiped this hysterically funny and I needed a good laugh from a friend.

As The Gaytheist Agenda warned, it’s not for the religiously sensitive – I just had to giggle laugh out loud again!  It really felt like I was watching a parody on Saturday Night Live.

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8 responses to “Simply Because I Can

  1. audralunar

    That’s funny that is real funny and true, hopefully not for all priests just the bulk of them.

    Priest Off!

    My friend went to mass every morning at 7am prior to class by the time he was 14 he was an alcoholic. The priest served them glasses of wine every morning for years.

  2. Would love to have a similar product to spray my front door…for those who think it’s their mission to disrupt the sanctity of my home to witness to me. I need something like this as apparently answering the door naked doesn’t discourage them.

  3. SjP

    If you get a chance, please stop by SjP’s following this link:

  4. Honjii– you just oughta stop it …LOL! You sound like my mother. It drives her bonkers when they intrude like that and she goes to church every Sunday, doesn’t like you doing that though.

  5. Hey AudraLunar,

    Your friend isn’t the 1st to become an alcoholic thru the Catholic Church – Nope! I know enough who sit at the table and get rip roaring drunk, then say “I better go on home it’s late, gotta preach in the morning.” All I can do is laugh out loud foreal.

  6. I like honjii’s idea of spraying it on the front door to keep bible-thumpers away. Heh heh. 😉

  7. honjii is truthful and hilarious!

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