The Red Rose Award was gifted to Me


Sojourner’s Place I say thank you & I salute you!

A myspace friend had told me early in the morning, that it was going to be a knock out of a day for me.  She’s always inspiring & never judging – uplifting.  I love these kind of people – sweet – down to earth. 

Then we have the ones that you have to shift through a lot of numbers for – until you find the pearl in the oyster – looking reaching extending – at last a connection.  Sojourner’s Place is a pearl in the oyster, she’s a very supportive, give from the heart, lend a hand up and reaches back, don’t wanna leave anybody standing to long in the same place. So, thanks for reaching out & back to me!

The rules of tradition is to pass the Red Rose Award to sisters of your picking and honor them, as such. So, I’m choosing to honor with giggles and smiles the inspiring, The Soul of a Survivor and she ain’t never lied. And I cannot forget Jasmyne Cannick ‘say what she mean and mean what she say’ – and it may not always be popular.

So, I salute you my chosen Red Rose Award winners – May today be the greatest day you’ve ever had – a knock out!

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4 responses to “The Red Rose Award was gifted to Me

  1. Wow! Thank you so much. That rocks!


  2. I’m so very glad that you stopped by today, it’s my pleasure to meet you. I’ve only known SjP for a brief while, but what you said about her is so true. I felt a beautiful spirit from her immediately.

    I appreciate the kind words that you left at Black Tennis Pro’s. You are always welcome there.

    Have a wonderful evening,~~Shelia

  3. Well thank you Miss Sheila for the kind words and invite. You were the 1st to sign my guest book at Coffee Stained – so cool! Thanks.

    You’ve always got a place here at my home, so don’t be a stranger.

  4. Miss Jasmyne you know I couldn’t forget about you. Read your last article in the Advocate – renewed my subscription was hoping & thinking you were going to be a regular but I guess you were only visiting! No fair~!

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