It’s Official Religion Has Driven The Mayor of Alabama Crazy

(mayor on far left)

I’d say it’s official that the Mayor of Alabama has lost his mind and he needs to retrace his steps in hopes of finding it.

Mayor Larry Langford of Alabama held a ‘Sack cloth and Ashes’ prayer and vigil in response to his city’s high homicide rate. His words, “This city needs to humble itself.” Mayor Langford is a professing Christian, that is leading his citizens the exact way the people in the book of Jonah were led. And, that was for the residents of the ancient city of Ninevah to wear rough fabric and ashes as a sign of turning away from sin.

First, the Mayor is in violation of separation of church and state.

Second and real important, this man is treading on some very dangerous waters. So, he’s a professing Christian? Did he speak in a universal language of religion for everyone in his city – I doubt it & I’d bet my last dime.

There’s arguments between the Baptists and the Methodists or should I say a disparaging belief system. Then the differences between the Catholics and the nondenominational and/or what about the Jehovah Witness? I could keep going, but you see where I’m headed with this right?

When the prayer rally is over and the crime rate has shot up even higher, it could be and do you know why?

Because he prayed the prayers of a Christian Baptist man not a Jewish or Catholic one. The Mayor prayed wrong, he wasn’t in the right closet. He even had his flock praying wrong, which brought on curses from The Masterful obviously unforgiving God. (You know it’s the truth).

I’m just curious?? Is it still wrong and a reason for God to send you to Hell if you’re a Methodist and you sit in a visiting Baptist Church and take communion? No disrespect intended. I was cursed from the lips of a Pastor because I had the audacity to do this. Told if I ever did it again, they’d have to ask me to leave the church. And, this was a nondenominational pastor and so was the church that we were visiting. Yet, he could not lead us and save us appropriately with the drinking of that symbolic grape drink (blood) and wafer cracker. His prayers may not have been clean like a righteous man – my participation could have brought on destruction to the world and sin for me.

So I hope the Mayor is very careful! One thousand followers/prayers/citizens was in attendance. He had purchased 2,000 sack cloths. He told his people in a wonderful spirit of unity, that if they were too cute to put a sack cloth on – stay home. And if they were too cute to adorn themselves symbolically with ashes – stay home. He’s such a wonderful Christian, who by the way sits on the board part time at Birmingham Budweiser Distributing Co. as “director public relations.”

Maybe when the repentance rally was over he invited the 1,000 to come have a beer on him – food for thought?

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