When Patriotism was Pure in Heart

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I found this over at Liberal Progressive Watch, when being Patriotic lived in your heart and was displayed through actions such as this. This is not how it is today. And the actions of Rick Monday of The Chicago Clubs is a prime example of what I am speaking.

Today it’s mostly based on fluff – ‘who wears the flag lapel pin’? The argument is so heated I guess if I wore ten at the same time would this render me 10x’s more patriotic than the next man?

Monday’s display of patriotism was so pure in heart – untainted – it was the way he lived and breathed it. He showed it ‘simplistically in its true meaning’. In one clean swoop he took hold of the American flag, his actions said you won’t do this. The intent of the demonstrator was to make a statement, but I liked the statement of Monday’s even better.

It said “I can be patriotic without hurting or injuring you I can show defense of my flag without violence.”

That’s not how it is today either.

Senator Obama is cursed out like a monkey on a tree. I personally don’t know how some of these people wake everyday and want to begin it with such hate – anyways. When the credits begin to roll how many of these folks do you think are wearing a red white and blue flag pin? And exactly what are they doing on a daily for the embetterment of our country and the citizens that live in it.

If you’re gonna preach patriotism and decide who has the lack of – you ought to be living it in full meaning.

Writing hate – spewing hate – nor sending out verbal calls of action to evoke harm to someone – sorry doesn’t make you a patriot – it makes you ignorant – truly operating from the lack of knowledge – called patriotism.

Frederick Douglas on Patriotism: “a True Patriot is a lover of his country, who rebukes and does not excuse its sins”.  {one of my favorite quotes on patriotism}

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