Deathrow Inmate Waives Appeals Partly for Religious Beliefs

In 1996, David Mark Hill lost custody of his children. In retaliation he walked into the Department of Social Services, opened fired and shot to death his case manager along with two other employees. The next day Hill was found lying across a set of railroad tracks with a self inflicted gun shot wound through the roof of his mouth that had exited his head.

The death row inmate had a father who was not well and felt that if he hadn’t pushed forward with the appeals process, ‘that it could have possibly sent the ailing man straight over the edge’. Although, deciding to now uphold the courts decision and ruling has more to do with Hill’s faith.

“Part of my religious beliefs are that if you kill somebody, you shed somebody else’s blood, that your blood has to be shed or you have to die in order to be forgiven for that,” Hill told a lower court judge, according to the Supreme Court ruling.

Interesting – on the ride to Social Services and moments before he let loose a few rounds – Hill was noted as saying “I’m tired of these people playing ‘God’ with my children.”

Let the record state, David Mark Hill has been determined to be of a sound mind. He speaks intelligently and communicates his reasoning and rationale regarding all aspects of the case to the point where his wishes for execution shall be granted. However a date hasn’t been set at this time.

Hill vs State of South Carolina

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2 responses to “Deathrow Inmate Waives Appeals Partly for Religious Beliefs

  1. Maybe if he wasn’t a loser they would not have had to play God. Now if only more a death row took this approach instead of wasting peoples times with appeal after appeal. Good for him……let’s hope the date is set soon so this poor man does not have to suffer much longer.

  2. Well I’m not getting ready to argue with ya – Happy Travels to him.

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