3 Obama Campaign Offices Searched after Bomb Threat


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. – Authorities evacuted and searched three Barack Obama campaign offices in Indiana after a bomb threat was made while people voted in the state’s primary.

The bomb threats were made Tuesday in a call to a Terre Haute television station. Lewis Robinson of the Secret Service’s Indianapolis office says the caller made threats against Obama offices in Terre Haute, Vincennes and Evansville.

Obama spokesman Kevin Griffis says there was little disruption to the campaign. Workers left the offices and continued working by making cell phones calls.

The reports mirror the circumstances of vandalization of the Illinois senator’s office in Vincennes early Monday. In that incident, a male caller also reported the vandalism to a station in Terre Haute.

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One response to “3 Obama Campaign Offices Searched after Bomb Threat

  1. SjP

    VickiLynne – much obliged for the info on this. Although, I do like my theory better… But, I knew something was up because “the suits” were just too visible! Much Obliged! SjP

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