If The Bible Touched You Would You Burn

That’s not a very nice question to ask someone wouldn’t you say?

Yet, Jewish students at Vines High School in Plano, TX were being taunted by their peers with bullying and judgment such as this merely because of their refusal to pick up a copy of Gideons New Testament. The Bibles were set on display at a table there at the school.

Several thoughts at once started racing through my head. First, why is the Bible on display at the school anyway? Then first again, “It was the Christian students brow beating and prosecuting the students that were of different faiths/religions.”

Starting at a very young age Christians become attackers an oppressors through the sanctity of their religious beliefs – Christianity. Most Christians have zero tolerance for other religions. They even try to shame you into submission. If they can’t shame you then they use the Fear of Their God – eternity in a life of Hell! And this is no way to win a person.

What has always been a giggle for me is that Christians find Catholicism Buddhism The Jehovah Witnesses and all the others – really rather stupid. Sort of like this “What would make a person believe such a foolish thing?”

But, if they really sat down and thought about it exactly how sane do they think they’re sounding? Trying to sway people into believing that a God which they can not see – sit down with nor engage a face to face conversation is something of substance or reality?

Yet, this God made the world which we live and you’ve never seen him – He has this power to send you straight to a everlasting condemnation? This God that you speak of but have never seen can heal you from aids and cancer but people are dying from it at a rapid pace?

Wow! And you’re asking me to give up my teachings – my beliefs cause Christianity is the right religion, said the God you never seen or spoken with. That’s the conversation I image most unchristian people would like to say to the believers. And their answer would be yes. Do it in faith!

READ MORE about the Jewish students and the different lawsuits that Vines High School has faced.
Click Here

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