Ohio Students Divided Over Their Science Teacher and His Bible

United they are not standing and those who oppose –

Mount Vernon Middle School students are throwing their support behind the Science Teacher John Freshwater. They support his right to bring his Bible to class. The students feel that Freshwater’s First Amendment Right is being violated.

I think it’s wonderful the students are rallying in defense for a cause they believe in.

However what’s so sad is that in the process of trying to protect Freshwater’s First Amendment Right they are violating the rights of others – their peers. The students who do not participate in Christianity are verbally assaulted for their disbelief of. Yet their peers who are in support of teacher John Freshwater but of a different faith or religion are still ostracized and not embraced.

So here’s the climate at Mount Vernon Middle School:

“You’re either for Mr. Freshwater or you’re against Mr. Freshwater. There’s no in between,” Murdoch said. “In the kids’ minds, I think, it is just the Bible issue. And who is going to go against the Bible? Nobody. But it seems like the ‘Christians’ are using that as an excuse to gang up on the ‘atheists.’”

“My daughter Arie told me about a Jewish child who brought his Torah to school when other students brought Bibles in support of Freshwater,” she continued. “He thought he was supporting freedom of religious expression, and the other kids just ripped him apart. ‘What are you doing?’ they asked. ‘You can’t support Mr. Freshwater, you’re Jewish.’ So they don’t get it.”

you can read the story right here at Mount Vernon News.

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8 responses to “Ohio Students Divided Over Their Science Teacher and His Bible

  1. These students are representative of many, not all, Christians who fail to understand the concept of the first amendment and religious freedom in the country. These students seem to be defending the “Bible” not the teacher’s right to religious freedom and that’s a major difference. The teacher as well as those who are not Christian have a right to express their religious beliefs. My apologies on behalf of those who wear the Christian banner to the Jewish student, the atheist students, and others of different faith traditions. Not all of us Christians think or behave in this manner.

  2. I know –

    it’s a few and I do mean scarce good decent loving nonjudgmental Christians left – its lie a needle in the haystack though.

    and that is a true belief of mine Lovely Hagar’s Daughter.

  3. I see that you’ve placed me in the “beautiful red rose” category – thank you so much, I’m touched by your kindness.

  4. as an athiest, i think this teacher should be able to bring it where ever he so chooses, BUT as he is a teacher, he should not comment to students his personal beliefs or flash his bible around and make anti atheistic comments. this teacher is in a position of authority, he can see that his actions are creating an issue at school. these are a bunch of fragile minded 11-14 year olds. i support his right to bring his bible to school with him, but hello! there are rules in school, like dont show the kids your personal religious and political beliefs, and he broke that one. plus he is causing non christian children to be discriminated against.

  5. atheist girl, there is supposedly more to his story (Freshwater’s).

    you know he had the 10 Commandments posted outside on the door leading into the classroom.

    they asked him to remove he obeyed.

  6. Peg

    Great post. I have found myself at a loss when confronted by the convoluted logic that protected freedoms only apply to the Chrisian right wing nutz. You have presented this calmly and factually. Unfortunately, the people that need to be reached will probably find it flying way over their heads. Nice job.

    best regards!

  7. Why thank you Peg!

    I can pretty much stay calm when it comes to the discussion of religion, because most Christians and Religious people are ready to “fight” argue fallout etc. over their God their faith their bible the scripture and the meaning of it.

    Not only is fruitless but it’s pointless….

    thanks for your comment, always welcomed.

  8. Tolerance and respect of each individual person on this planet is the most importance lesson our schools need to be teaching.

    Religious intolerance is not in the lesson plan. It does not provide the skills to succeed after graduation in the workplace. This is why Johnny cannot read and is failing in school!

    The nationals’ drop-out rate of all students in America is 33.3%. The national drop-out rate of Hispanics and Blacks students is 50%.

    This is the real reason the teacher is praying in class is that he cannot teach his students how to live together nor respect others and themselves. Only to how to attack others before they attack him for not being able to teach!

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