Einstein says, The Bible is Pretty Childish

A LETTER written by Einstein the year before his death says that God is the product of human weakness and that the Bible is “pretty childish”.

His letter on religion will soon be auctioned off and is expected to bid for at least $12,000.

More on Albert: Einstein famously said: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”



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2 responses to “Einstein says, The Bible is Pretty Childish

  1. w2a

    Let me say that I agree with the Einstein says about equality of human and non other one things are better than the other. Let me have a shortcut here. I stumbled upon this<http://www.panspermia-society.com/Panspermia_Ethics.htm<but, as far as control of human being is needed, a LEAD is NEEDED to CONTROL Human< again, I start to write at htt://motheruniverse.wordpress.com after much realtime discoveries. But, a CIRCLE of CONTROLS is needed. Quran/Bible/ is reading material. Religion is only a process to a chosen lifestyle. Childish word came from people who knows that many uncontrollable people are childish to control their interest. I agree with Einsten. Bydway, back home, we do practise a religion that make us a human. But again, not all people are human. Cheers.

  2. yrs ago i probably would have debated your comment, “But again, not all people are human.”

    but now i’ve come to believe it – thanks for the link http://www.panspermia-society.com/ i’ve got to sit down and seriously read this.

    thanks your comments are always welcomed – come again.

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