Netherlands Pro-Euthanasia Psychiatrist Publishes Do-It-Yourself Suicide Guide

So what do you think?

The Dutch Supreme Court has ruled that the depressed should have the right to take their owns lives, this was after a Netherlands psychiatrist assisted in the suicide of a grieving mother. The doctor has now published a do-it-yourself guide to committing suicide.

I was a staunch supporter of Jack Kevorkian.  Why?  Because the people who he assisted were terminally ill and filled with horrific physical pain.  A person who wants to end their life solely because they are depressed I sort of have a problem supporting this.  Although I know depression can often feel like cancer in your head.  At least this was a description I often heard as a Mental Health Peer Counselor from those who were plagued with it. They never had cancer but just knew this was the way it felt — excruciating relentless never ending pain – pain in their head – their brain – their thoughts – their will.

And many truly believed that If this is what they must live with for the rest of their lives the choice was to rather be dead….but still.

The do-it-yourself teaches how to starve yourself to death and it provides information needed for the right drugs to take, if that is a more appropriate route in ending your pain.

You know the Right to Lifer’s and the Religious are pretty well up in arms about this.

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One response to “Netherlands Pro-Euthanasia Psychiatrist Publishes Do-It-Yourself Suicide Guide

  1. pippylongstockings

    What do I think?

    I do not know the mental or physical pain many are in. At a certain point some of us are only breathing due to their pain. I want to live not just breathe.

    If by some reason I’m in the last stages of aids, cancer or any other disease I feel that it is my right to take my own life. And, taking my life is not the words that I’d chose to describe it.

    I would say that I am only ending this life and moving on to my next journey. I’ve never suffered from clinical depression nor do I have a chemical imbalance that reduces to me to the state, which you spoke of in regards to the description of those suffering (the people who shared).

    I’m in a limbo with those who want to end their lives dues to depression. My question how long has it been ongoing, but then again only they know what is good for them.

    That’s a slippery slope.

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