Roland Martin Make wearing a flag pin the 28th Amendment

“I’ve watched this debate reach the levels of absurdity this year because journalists and commentators have raised the question to Sen. Barack Obama, “Why don’t you wear a flag lapel pin?”

“I really got a kick out of that one during the ABC debate last month because not one person on stage — Sens. Hillary Clinton and Obama, along with moderators Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos — bothered to accessorize their attire with a flag lapel pin.”

“Sen. John McCain has been traveling the globe as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, and this former Navy pilot often doesn’t wear a flag lapel pin.”

Roland comments, “Shouldn’t we insist that our politicians all begin to sport red, white and blue socks in order to feel good knowing that they are walking as Americans?”

Mr. Martin that truly is a laugh out loud, but I’m sorry I’ve got first dibs on what the 28th Amendment should be and that is a ban on any further discussion of religion in politics as it pertains to public forums debates campaigns etc.

read the commentary in full Make wearing a flag pin the 28th Amendment.



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5 responses to “Roland Martin Make wearing a flag pin the 28th Amendment

  1. I think it is just nit picking. Does it really matter if he wears a flag pin? Obama just is getting hit from both sides -Hillary and Mcain. I’m not worried as he has shown he can stand the heat. Great post.
    By the way I talked to my fitness trainer Christopher Warden about your grandaughter and he had some great nutrition suggestions for you. He said you could email him at and he would be happy to give you some great advice. He has helped me immensley with nutrition.

  2. It doesn’t matter w/Obama does they are going to complain about something. Just heard we are paying $130 a barrel for oil and these f’ing idiots are worried about a f’ing flag lapel pin.

    I will pass this info on to my daughter in law, thank you so much!!!!!!

  3. Peg

    You mean he was serious? I thought maybe he was just pointing out the absurdity of the whole discussion. We had a legislator in PA who managed to shut down the whole marriage amendment bill, by attaching an amendment prohibiting divorce! A genius, and I love him for it.

    I wanted to thank you for voting in the Go Gay in LA contest. Karen and Joanne won!!

    Thanks for participating. I’ll think of you when I pull the lever for your man, next November.

    best regards!

  4. YaY! Karen and Joanne Won – Fabulous!!

    Wow, pulling the lever – signing your X – for Senator Obama, that is really pleasant news!

    I took it as Roland basically showing an outline of how crazy this “If you don’t wear a flag pin or even if you do” it does not represent how Patriotic someone really is. I also thought it was said in a jokingly kind of way.

    I know that I am serious as can be when I say, that I would like to see a 28th Amendment banning any further discussion of religion in politics.

    A candidate can say, that s/he is a believer of God the Bible, Jesus Christ, etc., but in essence it carries no weight with me.

    Why?? Just because someone doesn’t follow the ‘Christian’ value or principle doesn’t mean they lack goodness decency values etc.

    I’m not interested in their favorite Bible scripture or what they will tell their children if asked “Did God really make the earth in 6 days.”

    Have a Safe Holiday!

  5. Peg,

    Of course I wasn’t being serious! Read the whole column and you’ll see.

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