George Bush apologies for US soldier’s target practice of the Koran


{snatched this from Fire Base America}

Yeah, Georgie is doing some groveling today.

Do you think he might apologize to the US citizens for waking this morning only to discover, that the price of a barrel of oil is now $130.00?

Do you think George has any plans on doing that?

Bush’s spokeswoman said Tuesday that the president apologized during a videoconference Monday with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who told the president that the shooting of Islam’s holy book had disappointed and angered both the Iraqi people and their leaders.



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5 responses to “George Bush apologies for US soldier’s target practice of the Koran

  1. audralunar

    my eyes opened wide when I heard $130 early in the morning and don’t hold your breath waiting on your president’s I’m Sorry.

  2. WTF? (Am I allowed to say that on this blog?) I just don’t understand sometimes how Americans can be so disrespectful of others’ faith traditions considering that America is supposedly founded on religious freedom and all that jazz.

  3. i’ve said worst…lol

    well you know americans….

    have a safe holiday.

  4. Why did he apologize, the scum have destroyed the Bible and never apologized, once again America kissing the ass of terrorist.

    Just wait until Obama gets elected and he hands the keys to the country to them.

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