Harassed by Christian Missionaries Israeli Jews burn The Holy Bible

Christian missionaries were out spreading the word and trying to recruit the youth among the other citizens. A vehicle with loudspeakers traveled the streets imploring the Jews to bring their copies of The New Testament and any other Christian materials they had for burning.

An attorney for the missionaries is comparing this to ” the Nazis who burned Jewish books, leading to violence and the Holocaust.  Meyers called on the state prosecutor and police to file charges against people taking part in the burning.

Maybe the Christian missionaries should call the Jehovah Witnesses, they could possibly give them some pointers on the unexpected when trying to force unwanted religion teachings.”

Read more about this at The israelinsider.

Plus, an editorial in the Israeli daily paper Ma’ariv (summarized in English by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs) condemned the actions of the town’s residents, saying: “The burning of copies of the New Testament by a Shas member raises memories of the burning of books during the Inquisition and the Third Reich.”



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2 responses to “Harassed by Christian Missionaries Israeli Jews burn The Holy Bible

  1. audralunar

    Crazy insane burning Bibles and shooting bullet holes in the Koran, plain stupidity.

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