Furman University students and professors say, Please don’t deliver the commencement speech President Bush

I was born with a silver foot

The President who was born with a silver spoon foot in his mouth….don’t you just love that one liner – Ah come on !

Both students and professors oppose George W. Bush attending and delivering the commencement speech. They have been signing petitions and plan to wear armbands in protest. Some of the students have even declared they will not show up for their own graduation and the professors which are in protest are not attending as “Conscientious Objectors.”

The students never extended the offer nor gave the invite to the president this was initiated by the South Carolina republican Governor.

They said students weren’t a part of this – click here for audio – sounds like they’re apart of it to me.

The professors are ashame of the president’s policies-the war-etc. & are appalled that Bush will be speaking – NPR audio.

Furman student group slams foes of Bush Speech.


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