The Arab Messiah a Film about Jesus

Mohammad Aziziah, an Egyptian film maker is producing a film titled “The Arab Messiah.” The film will reflect the Quranic view instead of the Christian view.

“I intend to show the glory of Christ in Islam, the fact that Islam recognises all the prophets and the fact that Christ has a big place and enjoys much respect among Muslims,” said Aziziah.

“Christians believe that Christ was crucified and died, rising on the third day and then appearing to his Apostles, before ascending to Heaven after 40 days,” he added.

(Whereas, this is not their belief – According to the Quran, Jesus was not crucified, but rather he was raised alive to Heaven.)

“Instead of showing the things Islam and Christianity agree on, the director focuses on core differences, which could result in resentment among religious people in the Middle East,” added the cleric.”



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