On Scott McClellan, No Profit For Lies

Moveon.org has started a petition drive –

There are laws to prevent criminals from profiting by selling their stories.  But after spending years defending the Bush administration and perpetuating the lies that led our country into war, Scott McClellan is poised to make bank—his tell-all book is a bestseller and he may make hundreds of thousands or millions.

Meanwhile, our troops are still dying in Iraq.

Coming clean is admirable. But McClellan shouldn’t profit off the role he played in our nation’s largest foreign policy blunder.

So we have a proposition for him. Let’s call on him to donate all of the proceeds from his book to a group that helps Iraq veterans, like Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. If we make enough noise, he’ll probably be asked about it on tomorrow’s Sunday shows (he’s on all three!)—so please sign on and pass this around.  Clicking below will add your name:

Donate The Proceeds of Your Book.

The petition reads:
People who helped lie this country into an unnecessary war should not be rewarded for it. Scott McClellan should donate all the proceeds from his book to a group that helps Iraq veterans—like Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.



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2 responses to “On Scott McClellan, No Profit For Lies

  1. thehostess

    I’m so glad you wrote this…I feel the same way. Is he a whistle blower or a rat that’s leaving the ship? He’s brave for saying it…but I so wish he could of done it while still in the administration.
    By the way…I am “lily-white” no offense to my ancestors that obviously lived in caves instead of going out in the sun, and I’m voting for Obama in November. No matter which candidate I voted for in the primary, I’m 100% behind the nominee our country and my party chooses. (Yellow Dog Democrat all the way) I find it very disturbing that these white women are so backwards in their thinking. I’m for uniting this country, and I hear that more and more in Obama and not in Clinton. I give her until June 3rd…then she should bow to the will of the people and help unite the Democrats to stand with Obama and defeat McCain. I love reading your opinions and your blog…it now has a home in “The Outskirts” blogroll.

  2. LOL…you give her til June 3rd, I’ll have to see it to believe it. HRC is going to the convention, she just is I dunno.

    As far as the petition, I wonder how many Americans will be anti on this, based on the fact moveon.org is asking for the money & proceeds to go to the Iraqis and not our US soldiers.

    Too many Americans do not understand that when WE are wrong We Must Restore. Americans can’t just go around raping bleeding and destroying people’s homeland. It’s not right – It’s not human – It’s not what we as Americans should want to represent.

    If we had to live with bombs tankers and war outside the front door of our Homes – immediately our government and our Leader(s) would truly rethink – ever again – going to War.

    It makes me sad it makes me want to cry rivers and floods of tears – just buckets!

    I am so honored that I have a place in your home.

    Have a Flawless Weekend,

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