Clinton Supporter Has a Complete Meltdown (video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Harriet Christian screams —

Democrats are throwing the election away!

For What? An, inadequate Black Man!

Who would have not have been running had it not been a White Woman that was running for President!

She goes on to state, ” I am no second class citizen and God Damn the Democratics!

You know she put quite a show on representing ignorance racism and hatred – it was presented in her pure unadulterated form of superiority and privilege.

And, that screaming and yelling – Oh yeah and cursing her Very God, that she probably sits around the dinner table relating to her poor young impressionable grandchildren, that ‘Senator Obama shouldn’t be President because He is a Terrorist Muslim. And, you see grandchildren Senator Obama and Muslims don’t believe in God Jesus or the Bible – because they are Muslims.’

Yet, I can betcha my last cherry lollipop that she curses her God on a near a daily basis – f’ing hypocrite.

I gotta run I’m getting ready to contact the producers and head writers for “The Young and The Restless,” that’s the only place she needs to go with all that drama cause Hell – she is not good enough for.



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9 responses to “Clinton Supporter Has a Complete Meltdown (video)

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  2. Holy Crap! Can you say LUNATIC?!?

  3. I can say lunatic and crap…lol! What a way to get yourself some attention – huh?

  4. pippylongstockings

    No one should leave the house when they’ve had that many martinis!

  5. The Washington Post has an interesting article today on how women in the women’s suffrage movement of the 1800’s were split on the issue of allowing black men the right to vote before women were, so there’s a long history of this kind of animosity. Too bad it has to come out this way. I’m glad Obama is trying so hard to stay positive, it will help him tremendously.

  6. I meant to also say thanks for linking to my blog (Flaming Spinach). I appreciate it and your nice comments you left yesterday. I like your blog.

  7. Welcome to Coffee Stained News Madrugada,

    I’m going to read the article as I soon I finishing posting this comment. The entire time I was watching the video I could see that Harriet was vying for this attention cause when they (world) seen a white woman (who is supposedly more important) have such an irate opinion on a black man before a white women – THEN- they would stop this nonsense and vote accordingly appropriately the right way – HRC.

    I do luv your comics – way cool!

  8. thehostess

    Holy cow…I was hoping that she lived nowhere close to me…and since I’m in Philly there might be enough space…but if I go to NYC anytime soon I”ll have to be on the look out for another whack job. She obviously will be on Broadway trying to get 15 more minutes of fame. Please let this circus end tomorrow with delegates and superdelegates and Democratic leaders mirroring the will of the majority…Obama, as the Democratic nominee.

  9. Amen my Sister !!

    Pls. let this circus conclude by the end of a tomorrows politically charged day!

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