Barack Obama Our Democratic Presidential Nominee 2008

Congratulations to Senator Barack Obama Our Democratic Presidential Nominee of 2008!

The Obama’s are on their way to The White House!



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8 responses to “Barack Obama Our Democratic Presidential Nominee 2008

  1. This is so very exciting! I have never been moved to tears by a political speech (with the only exception being Reagan’s speech after the Challenger explosion), but I have to say that I cried a little tonight. I just have so much hope. I can hardly wait for things to move along now. I just really feel that Obama is a natural born leader and I feel that he has good intentions. I just think he is the whole package. I’m so hopeful.

  2. I am absolutely enthralled!!!!! I went outside and stood on my front porch and just literally screamed “Barack Hussein Obama our Democratic Presidential Nominee of 2008!” My neighbors are pretty much use to me by now.

  3. audralunar

    Girl I’ve been waiting on you to acknowledge our Victory. We did it! The senator and his wife looked so attractive & proud tonight and his speech.

    We’re half way there we’re on our way to The White House.

    America is ready for Change – Yes We Can – Yes We Will and Yes We Can.

  4. My land line has been ringing off the hook my cell phone is thumping and the text message & emails…

    We worked hard, I have talked to many a people thru out this country on behalf of Senator Obama. I have spoken with some fantastic people all over this land.

    I’m just so pleased! But in a few hours let the games begin again.


  5. pippylongstockings

    Congratulations to the Senator Obama supporters isn’t this a very exciting time. Many people underestimated Barack. He is going to clinch the presidency. John McCain doesn’t stand a chance against him.

    He was very presidential tonite.

  6. Hey Pippy! I’m still so excited I can’t lay down and I’ve been up now for uh how many hours? I woke up Monday a.m. and have yet to go to sleep.

    It’s time to start working on is he having senior moments or is it called dementia. I listened to his speech tonight I find his tone and his voice just as irritating as that woman named Hillary Clinton.

  7. Woo Hoo!!! What a great speech he gave, too. I was so honored just to watch it on TV. You felt like you were watching something historic that you could tell your grandkids about. Obama handles success really, really well which can be almost as hard as handling failure (so they say). The tenor of his speech was very serious and very gracious to Senator Clinton. I don’t think he necessarily needs Clinton as a running-mate if she can chill out her rabid fans.

  8. LOL…rabid fans they’ll get over it. Senator Obama nor his people are about to give their power to them.

    If he would have listened to those kind of threats we would have never of heard that Historical Presidential speech the other night.

    Senator Obama is on a totally different plateau – they might as well get over it.

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