Say Good Night Hillary

Seeing is believing!

It’s been said that Hillary will officially congratulate Senator Obama and concede either on Friday or Saturday?  I keep hearing two different reports, basically depending on which lying major news outlet and what idiot is trying to get a good laugh rather than simply reporting the news.

I think it’s funnier than hell that Bob Johnson BET Founder is campaigning to get Hillary the Vice Presidency.   The horrible things he said about Senator Obama.  Johnson is even calling on the Congressional Black Caucus to pressure the senator.

Hellary’s speech and her actions on the night Senator Obama clinched the democratic nomination – well it said a lot and it certainly isn’t the way to go about securing the position of Vice President.

What ashame Hillary after all this time still hasn’t learned “Old Politics is Out – It Died.”



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6 responses to “Say Good Night Hillary

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  2. When I’m driving I listen to a couple of progressive talk radio shows. I have heard so many people call in saying if Hillary is not the nominee they will vote for McCain. It is because of this idiotic mentality that I think Hillary would be a good choice for a running mate. This would probably at least keep those morons from screwing up our chances of getting a democrat back into the White House.

  3. Yeah, her supporters are borderline scary. I went onto a pro-Hillary blog and tried to inject my (moderate Democratic) opinion and guess what? The blog writer spammed me out. She was sooo dramatic, saying that if Hillary loses, who will watch out for “us”, the poor, the downtrodden, the beaten masses? What, like you?? Who runs a mega-successful blog? Please.

  4. honjii – trying to instill Fear is not going to pressure Obama into anything, so they can threaten all they want to. Remember he is not only about Change in an of itself, but he and his wife Michelle speak very candidly about America continually operating off the premise of ‘Fear’ – fear led us into a War that should have never been authorized. Fear that leads America into paying $135 for a barrel of oil. Fear Fear Fear Fear Fear.

    Madrugada Jones – well I give it to you…lol trying to go into a pro Hillary blog and inject some sense and open communication in peace about Senator Obama.

    CNN is saying that Hillary’s people phoned in too say, she did not want the VP position.

    Obama stated a few hrs ago that he was not going to be pressured and he was going to do this in a time of his choice & basically there would be no further discussion from him about this – the next time he (they) speak it w/be to announce his VP.

    I feel sorry for HRC she still doesn’t get it – her way of doing things – needs a complete revamping.

    Also, Bill Clinton isn’t willing to fill out and supply the paperwork and documents needed for the White House Presidential Library. Without this paperwork – it’s a no go.

    By the time Senator Obama gets finished with John McCain in these Town Hall debates…..180 million people will beat us to the polls to vote for Obama on Nov.4th.

    And, if Hillary or Bill had the power which they believe – would they be in the place they’re at – the point of conceding.

  5. My support was for another candidate that I knew didn’t stand a chance because she is not part of a major party. That being said, I will vote for Senator Obama because the other choice is unacceptable to me – I can’t take another 4 years of this madness.

    What I find amazing is that Senator Clinton fought a good fight, a strong fight. I don’t agree with everything she and her camp did or said, but she fought hard. I don’t think we as a society expect me to give up, bow out graciously, but we expect women to do so. I’m glad she’s doing this on her terms. Like many I am fatigued with how long this process took. I hope Obama and his camp have taken notes because the Republicans are going to bring it and bring it hard.

    I congratulate the junior senator on a job well done. And I look forward to the senior senator’s next move.

    Peace & Blessings,

  6. Ah, would you be speaking of Cynthia McKinney?
    Bowing out vs Congratulating the Winner who is a part of the party that in the long run you want to win…hmmm.

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