Michelle Obama will cohost The View on June 18th

Just in case you haven’t heard Mrs. Michelle Obama will sit at the round table with the Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd, Joy Behar, Barbara Walters and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

I remember the day when Cindy McCain sat in with the ladies.  Everyone was really dressed and pressed not a wrinkle in sight. It reminded me of the times when your parents said, ‘We’ve got company coming, go take that off.”  It meant put your best clothes on.

Hasselbeck the most judgmental, holier than thou, holds most to a standard of impossible and the word forgiveness is only found in the dictionary, because it doesn’t appear to be a part of her repertoire.   And, before anyone can finish a complete sentence she’s on you like a pint size attack dog.  Barely able to contain herself – waiting to lash out and prove you wrong.

I don’t believe Elisabeth ever hears your complete thought though for she is too busy inside her head preparing her spiel to rip you a part. You say, tomato – I say, tomatoe – Hasselbeck is one of those types. Yet, the day Cindy McCain showed up she was glowing as if with child.

I have no love for Hasselbeck and when Senator Obama made an appearance, ‘Oh she was ready for him.’ Elisabeth thought she was a veteran journalist, possibly a foreign correspondent – “I’ll get him.” I think Barack found her rather amusing to be truthful. Sorta kinda in a way you pet a little puppy dog.

That was a mouthful for the only thing I really wanted to say, “If that little huzzy Elisabeth Hasselbeck disrespects Mrs. Michelle Obama in anyway she’s going to live to regret the day I was born.  And, I know that I am not the only one feeling this way.

I’m sure Walters and Bill Geddy have forewarned her.  Geddy has to answer those e-mails and Barbara is worried about her 11 years of The View going straight out the door – from boycott.  So this will be interesting to see, just how little Miss Muffet sitting on her throne will act – cordial – polite or the irritating little gnat that she’s famous for.



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16 responses to “Michelle Obama will cohost The View on June 18th

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  2. Hi Vickylynne,

    I’m going to try my best to watch The View – I hate that tv show (I don’t use that word often). It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard.

    It should be interesting to see how Elizabeth will behave herself. I’m sure Michelle can handle herself.

    (I have to use the computer at work until my situation is fixed.)

  3. The View is just a trainwreck of a show, but thank God Elisabeth is there to bring a little sanity to progressives who co-host with here. I am sure unlike the love fest Behar and Goldberg will have with Michelle, Elisabeth will actually ask questions of substance.

  4. Hey Hagar there you are hope the computer will soon get well.

    Have a Great Weekend,

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  6. When I read the title of this post, before going any further my thoughts were that I’d love to watch Michelle, but I don’t know if I can stomach an hour of Holier than thou Hasselbeck.

    She is clueless…journalist my ass…her claim to fame is she designed shoes, was on Survivor, and just happened to marry a football player.

    I just bet when she was in school she was that snotty little teacher’s pet tattletale.

  7. She wore glasses that looked like pop bottle thick in lens they were bigger than her face, she was pretty hard on the eyes, skinny scrawny .

    She is so clueless about life – it’s not always black nor white it’s often gray. But, she can take this to the bank Obama groups are waiting on her.

    Hasselbeck better not disrespect the future First Lady!

  8. She will get respect when she starts to show a little respect to the country that has given her this chance. Unlikely she will though.

  9. audralunar

    Very accurate description of Hasselbeck, she will be on her best behavior, though.

    It’s obvious that she is an obnoxious fool, but as you said, Walters & Geddy aren’t.

    Think about it, wouldn’t it be entertaining to watch our next First Lady pick up where her husband left off? Just pet the little puppy dog on the head. We can giggle at how her tail either wags or goes straight between her legs….lol.

    “If You Would Rather Die Than See A Black President, Now Might Be A Good Time.”

    Have a Good Weekend Miss VickiLynne,

  10. Hey Gurlie,

    Tail between the legs, huh – that is a lol moment.

    We are aware Mrs. Obama can hold her own she’s come up against real issues, you know what I mean? Law School bar exam running a hospital the media etc. And fruitcakes like Hasselbeck.

    Tomorrow or rather today, according to the weather man it should be close to 100 degrees here, the humidity is high, also.

    Planning on staying under the central air, but that’s a good relaxing weekend, thanks.

  11. “I have never been proud of America” Michelle Obama, what a great first lady she would make. But I guess that explains why the HATE AMERICA FIRST crowd is so in love with her, she could be their national spokesman.

  12. The very first thing that came to my mind when I saw this article was Elisabeth taking Michelle O. to the task, but Michelle is a classy and very intelligent lady and she will mop the floor with Lizzy. Michelle is not going to take any shit from a piece of white trash…lol. Besides Lizzy must have drank too much salt water on that island, I think it affected her brain, the one she used to have that is.

  13. White Trash? I hear they are going to have watermelon and fried chicken in the green room.

  14. Carrie K.

    notalib, How dare you! You can’t even quote Michelle’s correctly; and anyone with a brain knows that what she said was certainly not unpatriotic.

    To her credit, Laura Bush defended her. Your bigotry is showing. Go kiss a moose.

  15. John Sader

    Amazing how you all are drinking the “Kool-aid”. Its not whether Michelle can handle her own or not. It is that Elizabeth is bringing up accurate statements that Michelle has made. It is very Scary that Michelle can make racist comments regarding “white” people and get away with it. The only way she was able to attend law school is because of integration and EEOC. If it wasn’t for those things I wonder if she would be so proud. Wait? Was Hillary not essential in helping with Rosa Parks? Keep watching people while all the HIllary supporters wage their fight with McCain to make sure that Nobama the racist and his racist wife do not get elected.

  16. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah…..

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