Egypt’s parliament bans Female Genital Mutilation

This is really wonderful news…

And, marriage has been banned for both male and females under the age of 18!

If anyone chooses to still uphold these barbaric practices, there are penalties to be paid.

This is due to the ‘Child’s Rights Bill,’ female circumcision is only feasible in cases of ‘medical necessity’. I wonder what kinds of medical necessities would that be?

Cairo – The Egyptian parliament has passed new laws banning female circumcision and setting 18 as the minimum age for marriage for both genders, local media said on Sunday.

The new legislation, passed on Saturday, imposes a jail penalty of three months to two years or a fine of 190 to 940 dollars on any one practicing female circumcision, the official al-Ahram newspaper said.

Read: 1. Egypt’s parliament bans female circumcision, marriage under 18.
2. Court rules on female circumcision.

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9 responses to “Egypt’s parliament bans Female Genital Mutilation

  1. This is just so insane, the very idea of circumcision (male or female) in the 10th century much less the 21st century, just because that practice was written down in a book or on clay tablets somewhere, does not make such nonsense viable. But as someone once told me that had the pilgrims served a cat for thanksgiving, we would all be eating cat at t/g and thinking nothing of it.

    That practice was some kind of man shit made up trying to appease some false god, like allah religious people are total damned fools.

  2. Erin

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  3. This is good news. Maybe others will catch on! Better late then never..oh and I blogrolled you as well…thanks for the comment!!

  4. Hopefully, they will catch on soon!

    I’m watching that post wanna see who is going to speak up out or against Tim Wise. It’s the same with a large and too large of the LGBT Community, they say they’re going to vote for McCain and not Obama.


    How in the world can you justify voting for him becuz Hillary lost the nomination. McCain has made it clear He and this world has no use for the gay lesbian bisexual nor transgender community. He’d seen us to hell if he could, but they want to vote for a man who hates their guts instead of voting for Obama the African American.

  5. Thanks for the blogroll, I’ll do same 🙂

    Erin:”If you agree we will send you a product sample so that you can try it and then write a review about it.”

    If it’s circumcision heal cream, yes I would be interested, do you have it in the 1 gallon economy size?

  6. LOL!!!! I doubt if Erin ever stops back by here!

  7. @coffee..

    Yea it makes no sense for people to vote based on bitterness of a loss. There are alot bigger things at hand then “my guy won /lost”…our countires in the worst shape its been in , in a long time..

    I honestly think that people will come around to voting how they should..and those that dont…oh sick of people lingering that over my head as a im sposed to submit based on their vote..Ithink Obama does fine without the defiant vote. I know some would shun me for saying that but its what i truly believe. I think thats that are being defiant are a small few.

    What kills me though is this…why are they mad at Obama for Hillarys loss? That is what makes no sense to me. Also, why do they say that our reaction to them online will determine a vote? I was called all kinds of names by Hillary supporters..and now I have to accept it? Its not anyone but Hillarys fault…due to dirty tricks and smears…people see thru it and vote teh cleaner candidate. Our politics need a break from that Highschool mess.

    Obama 08

    Rip Tim Russert

  8. heads the typo queen so apologiesin advance if I misspelt anything.

  9. I understood everything you said.

    Some people and most always have to have a ‘scapegoat’.

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