So The Pledge of Allegiance was altered?

I found this bit of historical information of great interest….

A Baptist Minister, by the name of Francis Bellamy wrote and authored the original Pledge back in 1892. Bellamy was also a Christian Socialist.  Christian socialism, “refers to those on the Christian left whose politics are both Christian and socialist and who see these two things as being interconnected.”

In 1892 Francis Bellamy was also a chairman of a committee of state superintendents of education in the National Education Association. As its chairman, he prepared the program for the public schools’ quadricentennial celebration for Columbus Day in 1892. He structured this public school program around a flag raising ceremony and a flag salute – his ‘Pledge of Allegiance.’

His original Pledge read as follows: ‘I pledge allegiance to my Flag and (to*) the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’ He considered placing the word, ‘equality,’ in his Pledge, but knew that the state superintendents of education on his committee were against equality for women and African Americans. [ * ‘to’ added in October, 1892. ]


In 1954, Congress after a campaign by the Knights of Columbus, added the words, ‘under God,’ to the Pledge. The Pledge was now both a patriotic oath and a public prayer.

So, Francis Bellamy intentionally left out the words, ‘In God We Trust’.  And, man came along and reedited too fit their own needs — that’s interesting — and it says, a lot — speaking loudly in volumes — as to what else has been rewritten to alter and change its meaning – as a form of mind control and/or religious belief?

The Pledge of Allegiance A Short History.

Exposed!: Unmasking the Agenda of the Radical Religious Right: Dismantling the Constitution of the United States of America.



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2 responses to “So The Pledge of Allegiance was altered?

  1. “In God We Trust” What exactly does that mean?

    Trust God to do what? God created the heavens and earth in just six days and rested on the seventh day and damned good thing too because what else was he about to screw up?

  2. I was stunned when I discovered this, just like you prolly already know that in 1957 was the first time ‘In God We Trust’ began appearing on U.S. Currency.

    I have my own personal thoughts on this but I want to do some more research.

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