Christian service sends email from the dead

A new internet service allows Christian subscribers to send emails to non-believing friends and relatives after they have died.

Six days after being lifted up to Heaven, a total of 62 email addresses of your fellow believer shall be delivered to you. You the nonbeliever that was left behind can gain knowledge of their bank account details and their electronic passwords.

Document storage and “Rapture” triggered email messaging system.

* Store up to 250mb of documents
* Send to up to 62 individual email addresses
* 150Mb encrypted document storage
* 100mb unencrypted document storage
* You can edit documents any time
* Write your own documents or choose from some of ours

You’ve Been Left Behind!



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5 responses to “Christian service sends email from the dead

  1. I saw this before and I couldn’t help but think…WOW what an ingenious way to part fools from their money.

  2. Ha ha…now that is funny, xtains soon as they have entered the church, they have left their brains behind at the door.

    Rapture, is that like Jeebus rap?

    Ok rap it out Geeb us.

    Geebuz loves me this I know,
    if I don’t believe, to hell I go.

    Little one’s to him belong,
    once a week he gives tongue

    Yeah Jesus sucks me
    Yeah Jesus sucks me

    Yeah Jeebus sucks meat

    B/c the Buybull says he do

  3. you better stop it….before you go up in flames…lol!
    i just added you to my atheist blogroll.

    it’s selfish of me to keep all the wealth to myself – i must share.

    hell half of the christian folks that use to come and visit no longer are speaking to me! lol….where’s the luv??

  4. Thanks for adding me to the list, I guess I’m a bit over the top, but being suttle to xtans doesn’t work either…lol

    It’s a constant psychological battle and they have the upper hand, indoctrinate the children when they are too young to make an intelligent decission, so threaten them with hell.

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