Amish Farmers sentenced to Jail in Outhouse Dispute

Two Amish farmers who said their religious convictions prevent them from operating outhouses in compliance with state sewage laws were sentenced Thursday to 90 days in jail after turning down an offer to do community service.

“I guess I have to keep with my religion,” Swartzentruber said, leaning over at times during the hearing and rubbing his forehead. “I’m going to stay with my religion.”

full story at Centre Daily Local News.



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2 responses to “Amish Farmers sentenced to Jail in Outhouse Dispute

  1. Mike H.

    Give us a freaking break, judge. How about a grandfather exception, here? The Amish have been building outhouses in America in the 1700s. Any health risk to the general population is infinitely lower than that of large municipal treatment plants, which spill massive quantities of raw sewage on a fairly regular basis.

    San Francisco – nearly 3 million gallons:

  2. It always amazes me when shit like this happens. Local governments have limited resources to ensure the safety of area residents so wouldn’t it make more sense to use those resources to …I don’t know this might be a wild idea…FIGHT CRIME IN THE STREETS!

    Oh wait, a cop could get hurt going after a gang banger, hassling the Amish is as much safer option. These peaceful folks live in very rural areas so it’s not like their outhouses are going to affect their next-door neighbor in a suburban subdivision.

    This is just so fucked up.

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