Reproductive Rights – How Much Do You Know?

(since the post ‘John McCain’s War on Women ‘ I’ve received quite a few personal e-mails thanking me, many women were not aware of the issues/stances McCain not only stood on, but has voted – I felt this post was only befitting and very much appropriate.)

Every day, at the state, local and federal levels, decisions are made that impact women’s reproductive health.

Do you know the status of reproductive rights in America?

Test your knowledge to find out » Test Your Knowledge of Women’s Health Policy

Decisions are made daily by the courts system, our legislators and even the FDA that have major implications for women’s rights and health — from contraception, to sex education, to breast and gynecological cancers and more.

But it can be a scramble to try and keep up-to-date via newspapers, magazines, television and the web when trying to get current information on women’s health and reproductive rights today. Does that translate into feeling confident in what you know about these critical issues?

Take a quick poll to find out how much you know about reproductive rights policy in the U.S. »

Take The Poll, Answer The Questions, Educate Yourself and Others.


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