What Should You Do If You Find an Atheist

Is this really what Christians want to teach their children?

I’m just asking, because I find this not only scary but disturbing, it doesn’t make a lick of sense to me.

OBJECTIVE Ministries (what a name, huh) targets young children.

Their goal and their mission, from the looks of it is too terrorize preschool children.
However this is how it reads:

Welcome to OBJECTIVE: Ministries! We offer a range of Christian educational and activist campaigns — or OBJECTIVES as we like to call them. A list of our OBJECTIVES can be found to the left. To learn what’s going on at our site, click the Site News tab above. You can return to this page at any time by clicking either our masthead or the Front Page tab on the left of any of our sub-pages.
Thank you for visiting and God bless,
OBJECTIVE: Ministries Web Team!

They even teach the kids all about cults – wow – that’s much needed knowledge for 4 and 5 year olds.

OBJECTIVE Ministries, has lots of fun and games for the little boys and girls. And, I just love “Lambuel who is a lamb devoted to God and knows that Jesus loves him a whole bunch! Go to the web page and hover over Lambruel, he doesn’t baa like a little cuddly sheep he sounds like a trained soldier in the world of conquer and hate.  Objective: 4 Kiz with Lambuel!



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40 responses to “What Should You Do If You Find an Atheist

  1. leftcoastlibrul

    Yes, the mean old atheists hang out at the edges of the play ground, trying to tempt the little kids away from God’s Word.

    I may be sick. Talk about poisoning the well….

  2. Atheists are not hanging out at the edges of the playground – but something and someone more evil is –

  3. audralunar

    Duh?! I always question how much love does these types (churches) take in sharing the love of God and Jesus with the children.

    I suspect much is delivered on the hate and wrath of Sweet Jesus.

  4. If you were so unfortunate to meet an atheist (roughly 10% of the population) then you should shake hands with him or her. You should tell the intellectually weak minded person that you believe in Jesus and that you find it amazing that anyone could come the conclusion of disbelief. Believers and non-believers are basically two opposing sides on faulty argument. To be fair- Christians can not prove the existent of God and Atheists can not prove God’s lack of existence; therefore, both groups lack the supporting evidence to justify their claims. In other words, one may claim to be a follower of Christ or an atheist but neither has any proof for their opinions.

  5. pippylongstockings

    Roughly 10% figure is much too low.

    Intellectually weak minded person and can’t understand their disbelief? That’s is the exact persona of a Christian and the reason such a large segment of our population will not admit to atheism.

    Neither can prove but it is the Christians that are constantly slamming God and Jesus down someone elses throat.

  6. I recently read a quote from Leo Strauss. I can not for the life of me find the actual quote but it goes something like this- The Noble Lie is necessary in order to achieve the proper ruling balance. Additionally, the ruling elite must lie and act pious since the common man is not capable of dealing with the realities of life. Nihilism creates a crises for the intellectually weak or emotionally needy. This coming from Leo Strauss- the intellect of the “Christian”endorsed Neo-Con movement. Here is another interesting quote from Bertrand Russell

    “In the past there have been creeds, such, for example, as the belief in magic or divination, which have been very widely accepted, but we now know them to have been quite absurdly false. Yet they have exerted the very greatest influence on human history. The species homo has not changed, and there are still very many who are only too eager to believe in such things – not by any means all of them confined to the less advanced civilizations – and it must be expected that this tendency will continue to recur again and again.” Please consider the Hindu caste system. The untouchables love their servitude.

  7. LOL and according to that disturbing website I’m not LAUGHING OUT LOUD but LOVING OUR LORD, puleeeze!


    both groups lack the supporting evidence to justify their claims. In other words, one may claim to be a follower of Christ or an atheist but neither has any proof for their opinions.

    Since a negative cannot be proved, the burden of proof is on those who claim the existence of the invisible man in the sky.

    Now I know you guys like to prove your religious theories with foods like peanut butter and bananas, but I’m just not buying it.

  8. First I was LOL at this, but then I realized it was for real and posted on a real Christian site. As much as I feel I should be surprised that they would actually teach this, I’m not. I am amused to say the least. Atheist are the ones trying to trick children, riiight. Poor children, having to be subject to this kind of adult abuse.

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  10. scaryreasoner

    Objective Ministries, (and Landover Baptist) are parody sites, guys.

  11. The goal – Objective Ministries was to shut down Landover Baptist Website – (pretty harsh crazy graphic stuff) also a parody site.

    If you follow their links they will lead you to letters etc. of clergy such as Pastor Rod Parsley.

    Both are parody sites, but so close to the real thing as to confuse millions –

    The point of the post was to emphasise the psychological damage done to youngsters by some religious sites.

    The parody sites simply mirror the dangerous nonsense contained in the genuine sites. I believe that, because so few people are able to distinguish between the spoof sites and the real ones, the parodies may themselves be risky.

  12. Yea, I didn’t look deep enough into the site to notice it was a parody site. That’s are relief. I’m embarrassed I was duped though. 🙂

  13. oh i got duped lastnight it is so close to real and i know people who teach their kids this kinda of garbage. we still friends i hope????

  14. I had no idea it was a parody either, just assumed, since so many “real” Christian sites are just as silly.

  15. there is very little difference really which is VERY SAD.

    a friend let me rant then told me it was a parody they were testing everyone – we all failed – so i thought i would try it –

    no one can see the difference and that is really sad.

  16. Poe’s Law in action, kids…

  17. saneperson

    are you kidding?, i mean all that you are saying here is for real? i respect your releigion and in a certain way i respect what you do for the community and the children, but saying that people that dont believe in god are sad and that you shouldnt talk to them, is ridiculous, is not only ridicolous, is a totally facist and exclusive cartoon. I mean, you should respect people’s belief no matter if its the same as you or not, in fact i dont even know why im writing this, because i know that you won’t publish my comment and maybe dont even responde me.

    well goog bye
    i hope that this worth something

  18. For Pete Sake Saneperson!

    Why in the world don’t you read the entire post and quit lodging allegations which aren’t true and doesn’t hold any merit.

    Read the post in its entirety! This was 2 examples of a parody – a make believe.

    If you would have even bothered to read the 1st several sentences of this post – you would have not been able to say my religion – I don’t have a practicing religion I don’t believe in organized religion and I could careless if a person is an Atheists – Geesh read the entire posts of subjects before you leave comments, pls.

  19. Ray

    That really is disturbing.

    Personally I like the statement that really, really few atheists would fight in a war for peace. But surely all the believers are smiling when they fire their guns against all the terror in the world.

    Anyway, communication can be fun when everybody respects other opinons. I think children should be teached to respect – not to fear.

    Kind regards.

  20. honjii I rarely call someone stupid but I will make an exception.

    “Atheism, as an explicit position, either affirms the nonexistence of gods[1] or rejects theism.[2] When defined more broadly, atheism is the absence of belief in deities,[3] alternatively called nontheism.”

    In other words, the atheist claims that there is no god! This claim needs support. I completely side step the issue by saying the existence of god is not knowable. Honji, you should know this! If not then you are stupid!


  21. roamingcatholic

    Am I the only one who finds this hilarious?

  22. leftcoastlibrul

    Latin, I think you may be misinterpreting. The atheist stance that there is no god is supported by the scientific research done thus far. My belief that there is no god is one I reached after carefully researching the bible, the koran, the torah as well as documented scientific research regarding our planet’s evolution and the universe. To my knowledge, no god has been found. It is my belief that there is no god, and the “miracles” described in these books are either easily explained by science (the parting of the Red Sea, for example) or gross exaggeration (humans living several hundred years- human beings have a longer life span now than they have ever had; it’s increasing, not decreasing). The onus of burden of proof is on theists, and the “god of the gaps” theory is being disproven as well, as the gaps are continually shrinking.

    “Completely sidestepping the issue” is an intellectually dishonest position; either you believe or you don’t.

  23. There are very big difficulties with making any type of claim with certainty. The claim that there is no god is a claim. Granted you maybe more entitled to claim this then someone who has not read the bible,the Koran, Talmud and related scientific literature but you can only assert you position by a matter of degrees. That is to say that because you have done your due diligence then you are entitled to hold your position. Unfortunately, neither believer and non-believer can state their claims with absolute certianty. So saying sometihng is or is not forces the burden of proof to the claimant. And now the non bleliever is in the same pickle as theist. In short, the shite is not knowable!

    here is a related post:

    Atheists: Please Stop Talking About Morality In Absolutist Terms (absolute reality)

    There are no universal morals or ethics. It sickens me when atheists speak as though there were. It is a total cop-out. I understand that it can be difficult to discuss societal ideals without the context of right and wrong, but if you want to live in reality you simply must learn to do so.


  24. leftcoastlibrul

    But I didn’t say anything about “right” or “wrong” (things I consider wholly subjective). I said your attempt to sidestep the position by refusing to take one even though your posts suggest otherwise is intellectually dishonest.

    “I believe, based on the available evidence, there is no god” is not an absolutist position. Rein in your sickened self.

  25. English is not my first language so maybe I need to be more clear. These questions (does god exist, does she love me, Am I a good man) are not knowable with any degree of certainty. The minute you make a claim about anything- you are asserting some sort of knowing. This has many metaphysical problems. Just because I am aware of the philosophical pitfalls does not make me dishonest. Here is a little test to illustrate my point- Prove to me that your mother loves you. Lastly, I used the quote from another blog just to illustrate the difficulties with these various positions. I don’t think that you are intellectually dishonest just intellectually shallow.

  26. leftcoastlibrul

    The “test” is fairly old as far as philosophical circles go (see, you’re NOT the only one here who’s read the classics), and of course it’s a subjective statement, therefore unquantifiable.

    If you re-read my statement, you will note I qualified it with “I think” and “I believe.” These are entirely different from “It is.” Meaning I am open to any evidence which could change my qualification, and willing to change it with sufficient scientifically verifiable evidence.

    “Based on all available evidence, I believe god does not exist” =/= “God does not exist.” They are two separate statements. Again, the first one is not an absolutist statement.

    However. Claiming to be outside of an argument while calling atheists weak minded is intellectually dishonest, as there is clearly a bias toward theism.

  27. I’ve got to admit – as insulting as it is, Mr. Gruff isn’t a bad impression of me on a Sunday before I’ve finished my morning coffee – especially if I’ve been out at all on Saturday night.

  28. Scratch that – Mr. Gruff has a nicer dressing gown than I do.

  29. Ok! I can agree with your position. It is well argued and well thought out. However, the atheists that started this did not support their claim as you did. Not only that but I doubt that they have a notion of how serious the metaphysical problems are. The funny thing is that I don’t a problem with atheists or theists just as long as they understand the limitations of their positions.

  30. azixx

    “The parody sites simply mirror the dangerous nonsense contained in the genuine sites.”
    Then why the need to use this specific site if there are so many already in existence to use as a portrayal of the “dangerous nonsense”?

    “carefully researching the bible, the koran, the torah”
    Did you know the “Christian” Bible has the Torah in it? And by Torah I mean the Tanakh (OT), not the inclusion of the hateful Talmud. I hope – if you read the Torah as defined by Tanakh and the Talmud – that you read all the hateful parts against the goyim (non-“Jews”) in the Talmud?

    “To my knowledge, no god has been found.”
    Rightly so, none has been found. But centuries ago, when no atom was found… did that negate the existence of atoms?

    “either you believe or you don’t.”
    Isn’t that being narrowly one sided? 1 or 0, yes or no, black and white? I only affirm what can be proven. While being unable to disprove or prove everything else I do not make a claim on it as being 1 or 0.

    “The minute you make a claim about anything- you are asserting some sort of knowing.”
    That says it best, as relating also to my pint about the atom. You could not prove it existed int he past, but you could not prove it did. When you depend on the position that the burden of proof lays with the person making the claim for something that cannot be proven (…yet), you are making a claim yourself and as it is clear in the case of atoms, you would have been saying atoms do not exist as they could not be proven, but they did and do exist.

    “There are no universal morals or ethics.”
    I believe there are. Everyone has their innate understanding that killing an innocent person who did nothing wrong to you or anyone else, is wrong.

    Intellectually this or that, whatever, we all have varying levels of knowledge and we all are ignorant to some degree.

    Btw, I am not Christian or religious 😉 Just thought that would remove any bias some may perceive me of having.


  31. azixx

    “If you re-read my statement, you will note I qualified it with “I think” and “I believe.””
    Sorry if my comment indicated your statements as a firm claim. Just to point out, your belief is just that, a belief, so you cannot say it is true vs the theist belief being false, and that the burden of proof simply lies with the ones attempting to affirm their belief in the existence of a “god”, as you yourself are only making statements of belief as well.


  32. leftcoastlibrul

    azixx, I was actually addressing latinamericanview. However: Yes, I am well aware that the entire OT is the Torah, with certain parts cut out (which is a shame, as the parts removed paint a far more intimate relationship between god and his people than does the OT). For that matter, the Qu’ran and the Torah have intersecting parts, as well. The OT is hardly the picture of a loving god. It was a war god for a nomadic tribe. That’s basically how Yahweh started out (according to the rabbi who helped me).

    And yes, I do believe I have more verifiable scientific evidence than those who claim god exists.

  33. Latinamericanview,
    Using insults, such as calling me stupid, isn’t a good way to make your argument, and in fact it only makes you look_____(fill in the blank).

  34. latinamericanview

    Honji, you are absolutely right (pun intended) and the word I meant to use was ignorant. My apologies. Point well taken.

  35. Olaf

    You guys do know that the Objective Ministries site is satire… right?

    This is widely known… suckers.

  36. Yes we do, yes the commenters do.

    The post was put up as a test, if you read the entire post and followed the links anyone could have discovered it was a parody.

    Just like IF you would have read and follow the comments and responses you would have found out they were speaking of this in relation to ‘as if/what if’ – this is a great example of art imitating life.

    So you chose not to do the appropriate and settled for calling those ‘suckers.’

    So I believe this makes you the biggest fucker oops! I mean sucker of all.

  37. leftcoastlibrul

    Um. Yeah. That was pointed out way upthread. Which shows you didn’t bother to read the entire discussion before getting your better-than-you fix.

  38. leftcoastlibrul

    Sorry, that was to Olaf, not you, Stained.

  39. wuts up leftcoastlibrul! i knew it wasn’t 4 the stained…lol

    when i just penned that i thought of the movie w/Nicole Kidman – The Human Stain – that movie was good.

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