Atheism as a cover for racism

I found this over at euraktiva’s blog.

The question proposed — Is this a part of a growing phenomenon — Religion being used a subtle code for race?

Islamophobia Watch – Home – Atheism as a cover for racism.



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5 responses to “Atheism as a cover for racism

  1. Samuel Skinner

    You do realize an atheist didn’t write that? You know “my God is better than yours” isn’t actually the sort of thing an atheist would say… could be wrong, but I think it is more likely to be evangelicals.

    Also, racism is judging people by their appearence- Islamophobia is judging people by their belief.

  2. Hey Skinner,

    Yes I do realize that–

    I mean who wouldn’t after reading the caption ‘Our Gods are better than your Gods….ha ha ha’

    The related question I put forth was the very question within the post of the noted blog (‘Euraktiva’s Blog) which I found the image and the link Islamophobia Watch – Home – Atheism as a cover for racism.

    Euraktiva is a believer in God, they state —
    “I don’t much care if people think I’m thick because I believe in God. But what’s really nasty here – and it’s a part of a growing phenomenon – is the way religion is being used as a subtle code for race.”

    And, I personally believe Religion is used to promote racism, genocide, separatism and all kinds of ugly little isms.

    Personally, I’ve known kinder atheists than Christians or in any other religious dominations. And before you tear me a new one yes I know Atheists don’t practice religion/consider themselves a religion, BUT they’re are atheists which go into a building structure just as a church and sing their songs and share a teaching. Just not the teaching of God.

    I thought this was a good point made of the original poster — Atheism as a cover for racism because I take it a step further Religion as a form of racism.

    Islamophia is a judging of a belief — while racism is a judging of appearance — you say tomato I say tomatoe. While the prejudice and hatred with an ism runs rapidly in its destruction.

    p.s. you might want to follow the links – I left them for a purpose.

  3. pippylongstockings

    I understood the depth of its meaning. I did not know however: Atheists congregate in a building? Exactly whose word are they teaching?

  4. Samuel Skinner

    You do realize that it is okay to judge people by beliefs?

    For example you are doing it right know… while declaring that people who judge others by their beliefs are bad.

    In addition, there are Christian Arabs- so it isn’t a cover for race. Evangelicals are actually okay with people of other colors as long as they hold the exact same beliefs (at least in the states- and as long as they don’t mention social programs).

  5. Hey Pippy I’m looking thru my archives (off site) I will have you the links before the weekend has ended.

    Have a Flawless One!

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