Atheists Should Be More Moderate and Less Extreme

I just read a funny article “How Moderate Should Atheists Be? How Should Atheists Be Less Extreme?”

Many religious theists would like atheists to be more “moderate” in their criticisms of religion, religious beliefs, and theism. They contend that atheists are too intolerant of religion and should show more respect to religious beliefs.

And, I have been told quite often — answer with the very first thing which came to mind, because it is normally the correct answer. So here goes my first thoughts to the answer of this question….

“How Moderate Should Atheists Be….lol” How about as moderate as your everyday normal religious crackpot person. You know the ones that knock and bang loudly on the door each Saturday morning with their Watch Tower in hand and big black Bible in the other.

Or maybe they should be as moderate as the normal everyday person standing on the corner screaming and yelling scriptures and condemning you and everyone else within their earshot to a everlasting eternal fiery Hell.

How about this though, Atheists getting a satellite and cable network station – instead of TBN it would be named ABN ‘Atheist Broadcast Network’.

And, they could have two week long marathons preaching No God and collecting No Money for your entry into Heaven.

(keep reading this wonderful article at How Moderate and Tolerate should an Atheist be?) I really enjoyed the comment from Austine Cline —

It seems to me that demands for atheists to be more “moderate” are ultimately demands for atheists to self-censor and not bring up uncomfortable arguments, facts, and ideas which conflict with religion’s long hold on people’s minds.



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11 responses to “Atheists Should Be More Moderate and Less Extreme

  1. Totally agree! My let’s-all-be-reasonable mode has passed. Supernaturalists have caused the biggest human-created problems in the world. We should not be silenced. We should not close our ears, eyes or hearts to the real suffering that is happening under the guise of ‘assistance from the church’, i.e missionaries. We need to have a microscopic look at the damage these people inflict on populations around the world as they traipse with their ‘good books’. Evil. (adj: Causing ruin, injury, or pain; harmful.)

    Great blog – very informative.

  2. Trying to be reasonable with a Christian? They will shoot and kill way before an atheist.

    Glad you came by!

  3. I’d offer an alternative response; that atheists should be as moderate or extreme as the situation calls for.

    If I could do more good in a given situation through a moderate stance – say, I’m speaking with someone with a sentimental attachment to religion but might possibly be open to evidence-based reasoning – I would, in all probability, be more likely to convince such a person with a welcoming, moderate stance regarding his faith.

    On the other hand, when confronted with a scripture-spouting fundamentalist crackpot, I feel full justified in my right to respond in like kind – although I will also point out that in the case of some credulous fools the only appropriate response one can give to their arguments is to underline them.

  4. ok Ubiquitous Che, I will remember your alternative response when I meet that needle in the haystack Christian you’re talking about…lol

  5. Heh. Maybe things are different here in New Zealand – but I’ve not found them to be quite that rare. 😛

  6. Oh Wow…very different in New England and I come from having a street ministry for over 10 years.
    Never the bible toting hurling you are going to hell kind — feeding clothing and sheltering.

    I find the cruelest people are Christians — I find the nonbelievers would give me their last dime and share their last piece of food with a person.

    I find that Christians dump you when you stop going to church, but I’ve never had an atheist dump me because I started.

    I just left your blog reading ‘Bright’ very interesting in a good way.

  7. I’m actually struggling with the Bright thing a little bit… Vitriol keeps getting the better of me. Probably doesn’t help that I can’t seem to get enough of Christopher Hitchens at the moment. 😀

    And don’t get me wrong about New Zealand. We have our share of crackpot fundamentalists as well. Just do a quick google search for the self-declared ‘bishop’ brian tamaki (lower case intended).

    It’s just that I’ve always found the best way to approach the religious is through the use of a kind of Tit-for-Tat strategy – I start out with something reasonable and open, and then pretty much match my responses to whatever my opponent said last.

    Interestingly, this tends to work a bit better in person than online. 😛

  8. Peg

    You are so funny, and right!! (heh heh, “…two week long marathons preaching No God and collecting No Money for your entry into Heaven.”

    I try to remain respectful of people’s rights, as that is what I would like, some rights. Since being raised in a fundamental Christian home, (boy, what went wrong there?) I do admire some people who live an openly loving faith. There is one religious charity that I give to, in memory of my parents. My parents were wonderful people. I don’t ever recall the kind of evangelical nonsense that is so often spouted today.

    Two of my parents best friends survive. He is a retired Southern Baptist minister. They run their own brand of ministry now. Part of it is a monthly newsletter, costing them an arm and leg, filled with love. He writes of love and diversity with respect for all, and frequently mentions gays and lesbians, never, never, in a negative way. Never calling on people to change who they are.

    You are becoming one of my favorite authors.

    best regards!

  9. LOL…that’s nice to hear cause some of the comments left here for me – whoa…..

    In memory of your parents, huh – understandable.

    You do know my big sister is a pastor of a church right. We keep religion off the table when we talk. I’m not changing she’s not changing fast enough, but she’s come a long way from a list of breathe 5 times in one hour instead of 10 and you are going to hell — yeah thats how deep it use to be with her.

    I hope you have a peaceful Sunday and a beautiful week to come,


  10. Peg

    Thank you, and thank you for thinking of me earlier. I haven’t been posting due to a nagging illness. (nothing serious, believe me.)

    No, I didn’t realize that about your sister. I really have to find the time to go back and savor your archives. Also, I took note of your comment that you’d had a street ministry for 10 years. My sister is very involved in her church, or was. She is now leading a small group out of her United Church of Christ due in part to the Rev Wright controversy and because they have recently installed a gay minister. Oh sheesh!! Help me!! I’m certain that you and I could talk for hours.

    Their previous minister was a wonderful man from Eastern Africa. Ghana. I was surprised when the small, all white congregation hired him, but he was embraced totally by the community (farm town, michigan,) and turned into a fabulous family friend. He passed away shortly after his retirement last summer. What a shame. He and his wife were having a home built in Ghana.

    Just when you think that we are making progress in bridging cultures, the bridge can collapse. Anyway, I guess the gay guy was the final straw.

    The charity that I give to is Meals on Wheels. My parents were Lutheran and that is one of their primary community activities in this region. (Pittsburgh) I’ve never known them to preach, try to convert, or leave anything but food and a kind word.

    Email me anytime.

    best regards!


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