We’ll Get Them Next Time Hillary



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5 responses to “We’ll Get Them Next Time Hillary

  1. Sasha

    Do you think the First Woman President will have her dutiful stand by his woman, husband by her side? Boy, that sounds funny.

  2. can’t see that happening ever, but stranger things, they do say.

  3. I wouldn’t mind a woman in the white house, except we shouldn’t be in this position in the first place. If we had leadership, instead of feminized pussy whipped wimps in office. Has anyone noticed how most men are afraid to hold their heads up high? Most men look down and away from confrontation. The lack of strong leadership has already cost America, we will soon be a third world nation, very soon.

  4. An aside note: The reason men are wimps, is purely based entirely upon religion. Jesus said to turn the other cheek, do un to others, believe in Jesus or go to hell. This is exactly the reason for the down fall of America fucking religion.

    I you know what, I suppose it serves us right because the freaking white man brought that bull shit religion over here.

    We cannot even punish criminals, because they may turn their hearts to Jebus.

    The fucking jails are full, (mostly men) because we do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, they may find jebus and get instant forgiveness.

    Just like Jeffrey Dahmer, they brought in a baptismal pool into the jail, so he could be cleansed of all his fucking sins, and now he’s with jebus.

    Does anyone else see that stupid shit, what religion has done to this country?

    Billy Graham is considered a religious authority, that sick fuckwad.

  5. SjP


    Would be much obliged if you stop by Sojourner’s Place for today’s post…might find it interesting…

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