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Four More Years Can Be a Lifetime

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Did You Know that Bush and McCain Were Cousins

President Bush fundraised for John McCain this week. But McCain didn’t want the press to take photographs of him with Bush.’s TV ad is making sure voters see the two men stand together.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s not your average political ad—it’s funny, quirky and light-hearted. It’s been getting tons of press coverage—including the Washington Post, MSNBC and the Associated Press—and really great reviews.

This ad is just one piece of our big Bush-McCain Challenge campaign. Already, over half a million people have taken the challenge quiz online.

And on Wednesday, thousands of MoveOn members gathered on street corners from New Jersey to New Mexico to take the Bush-McCain challenge to voters. The coverage in local papers is rolling in from around the country, and we got a bunch of great eyewitness reports, too—Donald from New Hampshire told us it was amazing and the best part was; “talking with several Republicans and Independents and then seeing the look of SHOCK register on their face when they were wrong, and learned about McCain’s REAL views on these issues!”


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On Scott McClellan, No Profit For Lies has started a petition drive –

There are laws to prevent criminals from profiting by selling their stories.  But after spending years defending the Bush administration and perpetuating the lies that led our country into war, Scott McClellan is poised to make bank—his tell-all book is a bestseller and he may make hundreds of thousands or millions.

Meanwhile, our troops are still dying in Iraq.

Coming clean is admirable. But McClellan shouldn’t profit off the role he played in our nation’s largest foreign policy blunder.

So we have a proposition for him. Let’s call on him to donate all of the proceeds from his book to a group that helps Iraq veterans, like Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. If we make enough noise, he’ll probably be asked about it on tomorrow’s Sunday shows (he’s on all three!)—so please sign on and pass this around.  Clicking below will add your name:

Donate The Proceeds of Your Book.

The petition reads:
People who helped lie this country into an unnecessary war should not be rewarded for it. Scott McClellan should donate all the proceeds from his book to a group that helps Iraq veterans—like Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.


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May the President Appropriately Invoke God? Evaluating the Embryonic Stem-Cell Vetoes

Recent Scholarly Article(s) on Church-State, Law and Religion

From SSRN:

President George W. Bush has twice vetoed measures to provide federal funds for embryonic stem-cell research requiring the destruction of human embryos. Each veto was premised in part upon his religious beliefs. President Bush’s reliance upon his faith has provoked a strong negative reaction. This Essay argues that this criticism is baseless.

The Essay demonstrates that important political leaders spanning three centuries – including Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King, Jr. – have invoked religious beliefs in explaining their positions. The principle of separation of church and state, properly understood, is not a persuasive basis for criticizing this religious heritage. President Bush, in relying upon his faith to justify his vetoes, acted in accord with well-established national tradition.

The Essay also examines various arguments that religious discourse in the public square is normatively inappropriate and thus should be excluded. All of these critiques fail. Anyone genuinely committed to diversity and to democratic ideals should support a rich array of disputants in public policy controversies, including religious believers openly proclaiming their faith-based values.

continue reading this by Samuel Wolf Calhoun, Washington and Lee University – School of Law and more.


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Take the Bush-McCain Challenge do you know the difference between the two?

Go ahead take the 5 question test – you just might be surprised with the answers that you get – dare ya!

Question 1 – “Who Promised that the US Troops would be greeted as ‘Liberators’ in Iraq?”


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Is it true does Everybody Hate George Bush?

Hey don’t get mad at me it says so right here!

“The president, Mr. Sessions told a group of eighth-graders visiting the Capitol last week from Akiba Academy in Dallas, “is doing everything he thinks is correct,” and yet “the American people are fed up…. we’ve lost the House and Senate, and everybody hates George Bush.”

I wonder if he wishes this comment was never made? What is it called, oh yeah ‘a do over’. I wonder if they would like a do over on this?

full story at

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Furman University students and professors say, Please don’t deliver the commencement speech President Bush

I was born with a silver foot

The President who was born with a silver spoon foot in his mouth….don’t you just love that one liner – Ah come on !

Both students and professors oppose George W. Bush attending and delivering the commencement speech. They have been signing petitions and plan to wear armbands in protest. Some of the students have even declared they will not show up for their own graduation and the professors which are in protest are not attending as “Conscientious Objectors.”

The students never extended the offer nor gave the invite to the president this was initiated by the South Carolina republican Governor.

They said students weren’t a part of this – click here for audio – sounds like they’re apart of it to me.

The professors are ashame of the president’s policies-the war-etc. & are appalled that Bush will be speaking – NPR audio.

Furman student group slams foes of Bush Speech.

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