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Ohio Students Divided Over Their Science Teacher and His Bible

United they are not standing and those who oppose –

Mount Vernon Middle School students are throwing their support behind the Science Teacher John Freshwater. They support his right to bring his Bible to class. The students feel that Freshwater’s First Amendment Right is being violated.

I think it’s wonderful the students are rallying in defense for a cause they believe in.

However what’s so sad is that in the process of trying to protect Freshwater’s First Amendment Right they are violating the rights of others – their peers. The students who do not participate in Christianity are verbally assaulted for their disbelief of. Yet their peers who are in support of teacher John Freshwater but of a different faith or religion are still ostracized and not embraced.

So here’s the climate at Mount Vernon Middle School:

“You’re either for Mr. Freshwater or you’re against Mr. Freshwater. There’s no in between,” Murdoch said. “In the kids’ minds, I think, it is just the Bible issue. And who is going to go against the Bible? Nobody. But it seems like the ‘Christians’ are using that as an excuse to gang up on the ‘atheists.’”

“My daughter Arie told me about a Jewish child who brought his Torah to school when other students brought Bibles in support of Freshwater,” she continued. “He thought he was supporting freedom of religious expression, and the other kids just ripped him apart. ‘What are you doing?’ they asked. ‘You can’t support Mr. Freshwater, you’re Jewish.’ So they don’t get it.”

you can read the story right here at Mount Vernon News.

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If The Bible Touched You Would You Burn

That’s not a very nice question to ask someone wouldn’t you say?

Yet, Jewish students at Vines High School in Plano, TX were being taunted by their peers with bullying and judgment such as this merely because of their refusal to pick up a copy of Gideons New Testament. The Bibles were set on display at a table there at the school.

Several thoughts at once started racing through my head. First, why is the Bible on display at the school anyway? Then first again, “It was the Christian students brow beating and prosecuting the students that were of different faiths/religions.”

Starting at a very young age Christians become attackers an oppressors through the sanctity of their religious beliefs – Christianity. Most Christians have zero tolerance for other religions. They even try to shame you into submission. If they can’t shame you then they use the Fear of Their God – eternity in a life of Hell! And this is no way to win a person.

What has always been a giggle for me is that Christians find Catholicism Buddhism The Jehovah Witnesses and all the others – really rather stupid. Sort of like this “What would make a person believe such a foolish thing?”

But, if they really sat down and thought about it exactly how sane do they think they’re sounding? Trying to sway people into believing that a God which they can not see – sit down with nor engage a face to face conversation is something of substance or reality?

Yet, this God made the world which we live and you’ve never seen him – He has this power to send you straight to a everlasting condemnation? This God that you speak of but have never seen can heal you from aids and cancer but people are dying from it at a rapid pace?

Wow! And you’re asking me to give up my teachings – my beliefs cause Christianity is the right religion, said the God you never seen or spoken with. That’s the conversation I image most unchristian people would like to say to the believers. And their answer would be yes. Do it in faith!

READ MORE about the Jewish students and the different lawsuits that Vines High School has faced.
Click Here

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Ohio Teacher Refuses To Remove The Bible From Classroom

Image Source: Celtic

John Freshwater an Ohio Science Teacher at Mt. Vernon Middle School has refused the school district’s order to remove the Bible from his classroom.  He clearly states this is not about religion.  It’s about his Freedom of Speech granted by the First Amendment right.  I personally don’t agree and I question his motives.

Yes, Mr. Freshwater has been carrying his Bible to class for over a decade nearly two now.  He voluntarily removed The Ten Commandments which he had posted outside the classroom door.  So I ask this isn’t about religion?  The educator has taught his students about “holes in evolution” and intelligent design, the theory that a supernatural power created complex forms of life” as reported by, Glass City Jungle.

John Freshwater’s spokesperson and friend is the well known religious activist Dave Daubenmire.  For those who may not be familiar with some of the causes or fights Daubernmire has taken on – he was a foot soldier an advocate for Terri Schiavo.  He was taken into custody for trying to deliver food and water to her.  Also, Daubenmire is the former London football coach that lead his team in prayer before practices team meetings and games.  With the help of the ACLU the school district settled out of court and $18,000 in court cost was paid by their insurance carrier. 

However, the reason I question the authenticity of his refusal is that Mr. Freshwater shares that he doesn’t teach or read the Bible to his students.  Well if you’re not doing either of those things then what is the real problem?  Is he upset that he must keep it hidden – out of view?  I don’t know why that would even upset him?  I’m sure that Freshwater doesn’t have ‘Popular Mechanics Sports Illustrated or any other distracting reading materials sprawled over his desk. 

Yet, it’s The Bible – what will almost on every occasion provoke an argument, a big debate.  My religion says this and you’ve got the wrong meaning of, that is not the right interpretation, it’s says this right here in scripture and verse.  It’s the one book that sadly presents the most chaosis.

Do you really believe if the school district ordered him to remove all such popular magazine materials, that this man would be putting up such a fight?  No he wouldn’t, it’s The Bible though and the reason I support separation of church and state.


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So It Took An Atheist To Separate The Church and The State

I salute Rob Sherman, father and Dawn Sherman, daughter who are both proud Atheists.

Mr. Sherman took on the Illinois State Legislature to defend his daughter’s rights against the ‘Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act’. 

This was a law which had been passed, requiring all students through out the public school system to participate in a daily moment of silence.  Something which is most definitive of a prayer. 

Dawn Sherman, 14 years of age filed a lawsuit (with the assistance of her father, due to her minor age) against the Northwest Suburban Township High School District 214.   

Rob Sherman who is an atheist activist was able to secure an injunction, base on the grounds that this was a direct violation against the separation of church and state.

I can hear all the religious fanatics and Christians going – tsk tsk tsk! 

Yet, if they would just think about it?  Do you really want just anyone teaching your children or your grandchildren the evils or the love of the Bible?  I know folks who solely preach hate based from it.  I was told quite often as a young teen, that I was going straight to Hell.  Of course, I never believed it.  You see I don’t believe in Hell or a Satan. 

But, for those who dare not move without asking Their Lord or Their Higher Power — well, you shouldn’t even want to risk your child being taught the wrong thing.  Something that goes against the very core of your religious beliefs.  And, isn’t this a good reason to keep church and state separate?

Regardless as to whether you agree or not, there was an amendment to the law, the word ‘prayer’ was removed, it was taken out. 

It’s now called the ‘Student Silent Reflection Act’ and it is not mandatory, it’s optional.

It took an Atheist and a 14 year old to separate church and state.

And, I say ‘Power To The People!’




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