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God Morality and The Single Issue Voter

Let’s see former Mayor Ed Koch, back in 2004 tossed his hat in the ring for the re-election of George Bush, presumably based on one single issue, that ol’ Georgie was a supporter of Israel. Now if you’d ask the former mayor if this was true or false he may become a little testy. Mayor Koch stated, “Bush is the only one willing to stand up to international terrorism.” {What a wonderful world even if some live dreaming only in it.}

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Many people of the LGBTQ community, will not vote for a candidate based on their policies regarding the LGBT&Q Community. Often it appears, as if this is a single issue but broken down begets many sub topics of larger issues.

If the candidate doesn’t believe that we are due equal and civil rights, in plain English – Human rights, then we are looking at a candidate who will present us with unnecessary problems. They won’t concern themselves as to whether laws protect us regarding fair housing, employment discrimination nor hate crimes. What about the right to same-sex marriage, civil union, domestic partnership and adoption. And, ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ (DADT) needs to be put to death.

God’s Moral Majority dare not dream of voting for candidates that support a woman’s right to choose Abortion. The other issues entwined within are murder and sex (often viewed as promiscuous).

So, I wonder if it’s really about ‘one single issue’ that keeps us from voting for a candidate? I believe they’re simply deal breakers. And, probably the same deal breakers that determine our relationships and friendships through out life.

I have a deal breaker that would never allow me to vote for a candidate such as Bill Clinton or Rudy Giuliani – nope. On the surface it appears to be a ‘single issue’ but it breaks off, splits into halves, starts to duplicate, the next thing you know the reasons being are falling in place like dominoes.


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