Can we disentangle Politics and Religion from each other? 

Why are we so invested in the religious identity of our presidential candidates? 

Does Separation of Church and State mean we must ban Christians in Politics?

The Cause We’re Advocating For:
To ban any further discussion of Religion in politics, as it relates to debates, campaigns and any other political agenda or forum.

Why are We Advocating For This Cause:
Church and State should remain separate, for those to be intertwined is a direct assault against The United States Constitution & our rights.

Who Are The Victims of this Unjust:
In Laymen’s Terms – You I The Children and all other citizens of the United States of America.  This also includes government & its extension thereof. 

We must take back control of our government! 

It is time to get revolutionary in our thoughts and disciplinarians in our actions!  Stand Up & Fight !   Shake your conventional thinking!


5 responses to “Mission

  1. Well I can see an army of two, and that’s about it, it’s such a damned shame the American people are so delusioned they cannot even focus on one given item.

  2. LOL!

    You win the million dollar prize, people always read the mission or about but never leave a comment.

  3. latinamericanview

    Ambitious goals! Here something I heard many years ago- Gandhi was asked if he thought religion was political? Gandhi replied if you think that religion is not political then you do not know religion.

  4. religion is very political….

    yet, American’s could take the subject of broken toes and turn it into a political venue…

    but, if you are a proponent of the US Constitution and First Amendment, the real political — needs to start adhering to it.


  5. latinamericanview

    US Constitution and First Amendment are human revelations of reason. In the past there was divine revelations it usually came in the form of some holy text. The Law was an interpretation of divine will. In other words, the religious hierarchy defined the world and its laws and then justified their conclusions as the word of god. The American system is a marvel of human achievement since human beings authored and justified their conclusions using reason. Kudos to the Founding Fathers!

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