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People with Higher IQs less likely to believe in God

according to Telegraph.co.uk

A survey of Royal Society fellows found that only 3.3 per cent believed in God – at a time when 68.5 per cent of the general UK population described themselves as believers.

A separate poll in the 90s found only seven per cent of members of the American National Academy of Sciences believed in God.

Professor Lynn said most primary school children believed in God, but as they entered adolescence – and their intelligence increased – many started to have doubts.

He told Times Higher Education magazine: “Why should fewer academics believe in God than the general population? I believe it is simply a matter of the IQ.  Academics have higher IQs than the general population. Several Gallup poll studies of the general population have shown that those with higher IQs tend not to believe in God.”

He said religious belief had declined across 137 developed nations in the 20th century at the same time as people became more intelligent.

full article at Intelligent people ‘less likely to believe in God’.


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No Atheists In Foxholes

Someone just dropped this off by my house for me to read.

Editorial Reviews

Experience gripping wartime stories and honest prayers by this Camp David chaplain now serving in Iraq. When words mean less and less, but money talks more and more; when blasphemy is a best seller, and eternal war has replaced hopeful diplomacy; in times like these is prayer even possible? Patrick J. McLaughlin thinks so. McLaughlin is an active duty Navy Chaplain who has ministered to heads of state and to soldiers living and dying in the heat of Iraq.

No Atheists in Foxholes assembles Chaplain McLaughlin’s experiences and prayers from e-mails, private notes, and personal conversations that take us real-time into realms of duty and spirit: from the quiet darkness of his infant son’s New England bedroom on September 11, 2001, to the bomshelled medical tents and blistered Army Humvees of Anbar Province. Chaplain McLaughlin believes that prayer is not only possible, but critical. “We must all learn to pray for peace,” he says, “and then become an answer to that prayer.”

I’ve only scanned the book and focused on a few small parts.  However, my friend found it – a bit disdaining based on the lack of respect given to the Atheists who have fought for our country.  Little attention was given to the Atheist who went in the foxhole as an Atheist and came out the same – an atheist.  Meaning everyone in a time of crisis or fear does not turn to a God.

Like I said I’ve not read the book I’ve only had it in my possession a few minutes, but hopefully it will prove itself a good read.


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Atheism as a cover for racism

I found this over at euraktiva’s blog.

The question proposed — Is this a part of a growing phenomenon — Religion being used a subtle code for race?

Islamophobia Watch – Home – Atheism as a cover for racism.


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Einstein says, The Bible is Pretty Childish

A LETTER written by Einstein the year before his death says that God is the product of human weakness and that the Bible is “pretty childish”.

His letter on religion will soon be auctioned off and is expected to bid for at least $12,000.

More on Albert: Einstein famously said: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”


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So It Took An Atheist To Separate The Church and The State

I salute Rob Sherman, father and Dawn Sherman, daughter who are both proud Atheists.

Mr. Sherman took on the Illinois State Legislature to defend his daughter’s rights against the ‘Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act’. 

This was a law which had been passed, requiring all students through out the public school system to participate in a daily moment of silence.  Something which is most definitive of a prayer. 

Dawn Sherman, 14 years of age filed a lawsuit (with the assistance of her father, due to her minor age) against the Northwest Suburban Township High School District 214.   

Rob Sherman who is an atheist activist was able to secure an injunction, base on the grounds that this was a direct violation against the separation of church and state.

I can hear all the religious fanatics and Christians going – tsk tsk tsk! 

Yet, if they would just think about it?  Do you really want just anyone teaching your children or your grandchildren the evils or the love of the Bible?  I know folks who solely preach hate based from it.  I was told quite often as a young teen, that I was going straight to Hell.  Of course, I never believed it.  You see I don’t believe in Hell or a Satan. 

But, for those who dare not move without asking Their Lord or Their Higher Power — well, you shouldn’t even want to risk your child being taught the wrong thing.  Something that goes against the very core of your religious beliefs.  And, isn’t this a good reason to keep church and state separate?

Regardless as to whether you agree or not, there was an amendment to the law, the word ‘prayer’ was removed, it was taken out. 

It’s now called the ‘Student Silent Reflection Act’ and it is not mandatory, it’s optional.

It took an Atheist and a 14 year old to separate church and state.

And, I say ‘Power To The People!’




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An Amendment to Repeal Any Discussion of Religion in Politics

I must say great minds do think alike.  This is the very thought I had just pondered the other day.  Therefore, I do not find this proposal for an Amendment 28 the least bit outlandish.  Now, I can’t necessarily agree with each item, that was put forth.  Like shipping those candidates in direct violation of — off to France — not the best idea in the world to me, but I get the meaning.  

And, it makes me revel with joy even in the remotest of possibilities, that we could have an issuance of a 28th Amendment, to ban all further discussion of religion in our political campaigns, forums and arenas.  Especially in our presidential debates.

At this time, I’m not sure which I’ve grown the most tiresome of ? 

The candidates pledging their allegiances to their religion God & Jesus.  Or the pastors vehemently spewing their venom on who they’re endorsing, so in return we should thereby vote for them, which is solely based on the Bible scriptures [their interpretation].  Everyone of us should have grown weary by now – just from listening. 

What if The 28th Amendment, read:

Section 1. The right of presidential aspirants to discuss religion, invoke sacred texts, or mention God on the campaign trail is hereby repealed.

Section 2. Whenever a religious figure endorses any candidate for the presidency that candidate must reject aforesaid endorsement.

Section 3. The Congress shall have power to have the offending religious figure immediately deported to France.

Sally Quinn & Jacque Berlinerblau on Race and Religion in Politics – How about a 28Th Amendment? (video)

Bringing religion into politics is a recipe for disaster, hasn’t it been proved?  There are too many denominations and each declare, that theirs is the absolute truth the one we all should model. 

This weekend I tuned into ‘Nightline’.  There was a segment on Atheists/Atheism –yeah yeah, I hear you booing.  I found it fascinating, that on Sunday mornings they hold not only church services, but Sunday School.  Granted their teaching is absent of there is a God or a Jesus.  Yet, the very ideals being taught and the very doctrine which they follow is in the absolute realm of the love & spirit of Jesus/God.  And, to witness this service even if it was only by way of television – I felt the spirit of who they profess not to believe in, which is their right.

Here is an ‘Atheist Prayer’ I’d like to share with you, keep an open mind: 

Let us remember our brotherhood with others as we hear this prayer,
which is addressed to us, rather than to our Gods

Let us rise each morning and strive each day to do only that which brings happiness and joy to others, an avoid doing things that cause others hurt and pain,

Let us use our minds and our reason to force a behavior, based on the mutuality of reciprocity inherent in human relationship,

Let us always respect the dignity and worth of each other,

And, above all else – love one another not to obtain rewards for ourselves now, or for the hereafter to avoid punishment 

But, rather to always bring each other contentment and peace.

If I had a choice I’d prefer for my president or any of the presidential hopefuls to operate off the premise of this atheist prayer, than to adhere to any scripture in the Bible, that gives them a belief, that war is okay.  So, let’s go bomb them even if we have to stay there 100 years.

Listen in on BlogTalkRadio/LibertyTalkRadio – The Separation of Church and State,
Host: Joe Cristiano


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