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John McCain: Bringing The Troops Home is NOT Important (video)

Listen to John Kerry as he speaks, volumes.

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On Scott McClellan, No Profit For Lies

Moveon.org has started a petition drive –

There are laws to prevent criminals from profiting by selling their stories.  But after spending years defending the Bush administration and perpetuating the lies that led our country into war, Scott McClellan is poised to make bank—his tell-all book is a bestseller and he may make hundreds of thousands or millions.

Meanwhile, our troops are still dying in Iraq.

Coming clean is admirable. But McClellan shouldn’t profit off the role he played in our nation’s largest foreign policy blunder.

So we have a proposition for him. Let’s call on him to donate all of the proceeds from his book to a group that helps Iraq veterans, like Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. If we make enough noise, he’ll probably be asked about it on tomorrow’s Sunday shows (he’s on all three!)—so please sign on and pass this around.  Clicking below will add your name:

Donate The Proceeds of Your Book.

The petition reads:
People who helped lie this country into an unnecessary war should not be rewarded for it. Scott McClellan should donate all the proceeds from his book to a group that helps Iraq veterans—like Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.


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US Marines are forcing Christianity onto the Iraqis

Sad to say, but this is a part of having America come into your home…. they are going to tell you that Christianity is right and your religion and faith is all wrong, but the real plight is about your conversion.

Our, U.S. Marines are handing out this coin, imprinted with a Gospel verse, to Fallujah residents.

Anad said, a Marine slipped a coin out of his pocket and put it in his hand.

Out of fear, he accepted it, Anad said. When he was inside the city, the college student said, he looked at one side of the coin. “Where will you spend eternity?” it asked.

He flipped it over, and on the other side it read, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16.”

You can read the full article at McClatchy Washington Bureau.

Here’s a comment that one of the readers left in regards to the “shiny fake coin”.

Hi there! We’ve bombed your country, crippled your infrastructure, killed thousands of your citizens, and pretty much ruined any chance for you or your remaining loved ones to have any semblance of a normal life in your homeland. But we’re hoping this shiny fake coin that says you’re going to hell unless you accept Jesus as Lord will somehow comfort you.

Handful of Well-Intentioned but not-so-bright US Marines


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George Bush apologies for US soldier’s target practice of the Koran


{snatched this from Fire Base America}

Yeah, Georgie is doing some groveling today.

Do you think he might apologize to the US citizens for waking this morning only to discover, that the price of a barrel of oil is now $130.00?

Do you think George has any plans on doing that?

Bush’s spokeswoman said Tuesday that the president apologized during a videoconference Monday with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who told the president that the shooting of Islam’s holy book had disappointed and angered both the Iraqi people and their leaders.


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George Bush Opens Up To Speak Truthfully on The Iraq War

Do I need to say anymore?  No – but I will.

This is in honor of your president that is now allowing personnel to be accepted into the military with ‘Felonies’ on their record.  And, let me say it Loud & Clear  “Everyone who may unfortunately have those types of blemishes shouldn’t immediately be deemed evil/untrustworthy – they aren’t necessarily bad people.”  Some truly just made a mistake – got caught up – things do happen.

However, George Bush prefers ‘sex offenders’ over gay and lesbian officers in the military.  If there’s a stipulation on what type of felony is not acceptable he’s not proving it.

Let’s summarize – Do Tell if you’re a rapist child molester or raise your hand if you’ve murdered a life today.

Reality states – Don’t Tell if you’re lesbian gay or bisexual – and if you’re Transgendered you don’t stand a snow ball’s chance in the flames.

I think somebody needs to put that glass pipe down – Leave it alone for Pete’s Sake!

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