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John McCain: Bringing The Troops Home is NOT Important (video)

Listen to John Kerry as he speaks, volumes.

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Barack and Michelle’s Love Story on cover of US Weekly

You a lie and a sack of dead toads if you try and say, this picture isn’t beautiful. I just get goosebumps looking at this lovely brown couple who are headed to the White House and there is no need to change the name to anything differently, the White House will do just fine.

Yes….I see brown people

Barack and Michelle Obama appear on the cover of the Us Weekly hitting newsstands later this week, further establishing their crossover appeal as both political and entertainment figures. The magazine will feature a six-page article on the Obamas’ love story as well as an album of family photos. The cover is headlined “Michelle Obama: Why Barack Loves Her” and teases, “She shops at Target, loved ‘Sex and the City’ and never misses the girls’ recitals. The untold romance between a down-to-earth mom and the man who calls her ‘my rock.'”


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Huckabee to Join Fox News

Former presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is going from being a player in the presidential election to a commentator on it.

The former Arkansas governor has joined Fox News Channel as a contributor on election coverage, the news channel announced Thursday.

“Governor Huckabee’s campaign experience and knowledge of politics makes him a great addition to our ongoing election coverage,” Bill Shine, senior vice president of programming, said in a news release.

Well that certainly says, a lot about him – Huckabee – but you can continue reading this right here Huckabee at Fake Faux News.


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Lou Dobbs considers Run for Governor

I Hope He Gets His Ass Kicked…..

Several Republican sources in the state told the Newark Star-Ledger that the host of CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” has inquired about the steps he would need to take if he decides to toss his hat in the ring.

Reached by telephone at his farm in Sussex County on Wednesday, Dobbs did not deny that he is mulling a run, saying only: “I’m just not going to comment.”

Back in January, Dobbs told the Wall Street Journal it was doubtful he would enter politics, but added: “I cannot say ‘never.’”

Dobbs registered as a Republican in Sussex County in 1991, then switched to independent in 2006. State Republican chairman Tom Wilson told the Star-Ledger that if Dobbs is seriously interested in running for governor, “the first thing he should do is register as a Republican.”

Incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine, a Democrat, has an approval rating of only 38 percent, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll, and 52 percent of respondents disapprove of his performance on the job.

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Your Whiteness is Showing

An Open Letter to Certain White Women Who Are Threatening to Withhold Support from Obama in November


This is an open letter to those white women who, despite their proclamations of progressivism, and supposedly because of their commitment to feminism, are threatening to withhold support from Barack Obama in November. You know who you are. (paragraph 1)

First, for those of you threatening to actually vote for John McCain and to oppose Senator Obama, or to stay home in November and thereby increase the likelihood of McCain winning and Obama losing (despite the fact that the latter’s policy platform is virtually identical to Clinton’s while the former’s clearly is not), all the while claiming to be standing up for women… (paragraph 5)

For those threatening to vote for John McCain or to stay home and increase the odds of his winning (despite the fact that he once called his wife the c-word in public and is a staunch opponent of reproductive freedom and gender equity initiatives, such as comparable worth legislation), all the while claiming to be standing up for women…(paragraph 6)

For those threatening to vote for John McCain or to stay home and help ensure Barack Obama’s defeat, as a way to protest what you call Obama’s sexism (examples of which you seem to have difficulty coming up with), all the while claiming to be standing up for women…(paragraph 7)

Your whiteness is showing.

folks have a bad habit of wanting to shoot the messenger for the message skedaddle on over to Tim Wise’s place and argue all night with him, because these are just excerpts there’s more.

TIM WISE: Your Whiteness is Showing – An Open Letter to Certain White Women Threatening to Withold Support from Obama in November

Tim Wise is the author of: White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son (Soft Skull Press, 2005), and Affirmative Action: Racial Preference in Black and White (Routledge: 2005). He can be reached at: timjwise@msn.com


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Okay So White Women Aren’t Supporting Senator Barack Obama

I can’t hold this thought or comment any longer….

Everywhere I turn, nearly every blog that I am reading and every major news outlet, which I can’t even figure out why I keep tuning into — is saying, that white women are no longer supporting Senator Obama.

Therefore, (my words)

“He doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the fight against McCain the Republican?”

Okay, I’ll give you the Senator’s numbers has declined within this segment of Voters…..

However — Hillary Clinton’s figures and show of support from the women in the African American Black community has sunk to an all time low. Her support has slowly but rapidly disintegrated – Poof it’s gone – Vanished into thin air!

And, maybe just maybe the lack of support from this population of people – called Black women – has caused her to what ?? consider do I want or will I accept the lesser of rank called ‘Vice President’.

Is it possibly that this slip or rather loss is the very reason, that she must consider this?

Why is everyone running around here acting like the ‘non-support of white women’ is more important than having the support and votes of African American women?

What I’m hearing is this — their vote is more important than… you guessed it — mines or my sisters women of color – black brown pink purple rainbow whatever you want to call it – Negro or Colored.

Geesh, it’s enough to make a person wanna spit…

Let’s Review Some of the Headlines & Titles:

  • Boomer White Women Dropping Support for Obama
  • White Women Cold Towards Obama
  • Obama’s Stock Drops Among White Women
  • Obama Leads Clinton, But Trails With White Women
  • Obama’s Weatlthy And Privileged Women Supporters: More Than Just A Generation Gap!
  • Obama needs Clinton’s white women voters to win in November
  • Obama needs support of white women voters

Now This is my Food for Thought as I summarize within my head…

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has the show of support and votes from the White Women – yet she’s losing.

Senator Barack *Hussein* Obama has the show of support and votes from the Afrikkkan American Black Women – and he is winning, by all right he is our Democratic Presidential Nominee for 2008.

I feel everyone’s vote is important! And this is the point that I only wish to make. No citizens vote in America should be considered or spoken of as ‘secondary’ or ‘less’.

Hussein, the Senator’s middle name was stated in order to symbolize with honor and respect, that which any people should have in reference as to who they are – it’s their birthright. It is so past the time for every nationality & race of people to allow America to continue to dictate what is appropriate in their culture. Whether it is a name, their language/dialect/diction or their culture’s garb dress faith or religion. It’s time to quit giving mainstream America all that power — your power!

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Is It True About Obama?

Let me know what you think?


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